April 14, 2021

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You herd of the Dead man walking Tornado , but there’s something possibly more creepy then that , to the point it might think its fake at first. : meteorology

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edit(note i found it look at the last stuff)

edit5(https://www.weather.gov/oun/events-19550525-stormelectricity) A page for it from the Official NWS

Lets start off that there were 2 F5 on the ground from the same supercell

Post image
Post image

part of Edit 4

The first one however seems very alien like , a Tube shape Tornado , however having a bright light in its core , the Tornado appeared to be Floating off the ground by 40 Feet?. edit2(20 feet)

Post image

At times St. Elmo’s Fire came out of its strange floating gaping like hole of a base it had.

Post image

It also at times had a strange band 100 feet thick of glowing blue light but not vericale but more horozontal.

Post image

It also had strange bunch of ball lightning? orbiting it like a bunch of creepy UFO or a Ring

Post image
Post image

Overall look of this tornado.

Trying to find the original desc i remember seeing this , if i find it il post it

The Next F5 did some of the most severe damage

Numerous homes and businesses were destroyed, many of which were swept away. Vehicles were thrown hundreds of yards and mangled beyond recognition, including a pickup truck that was wrapped around a tree and stripped of everything but its frame and tires.

There were strange glowing lights seen in one of the 1974 April 4 Tornadoes

and one of the F5 that almost got a F6 rating in Birmingham.

Edit1(Found the original Description of it )

Post image

edit 3(a other found)

Post image


Post image
Post image






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