May 13, 2021

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Will we have a White Christmas? DMV forecast has a chance

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WASHINGTON — Each year around the holidays, the old Bing Crosby song comes to mind: “I’m dreaming of white Christmas.”  For the last few years in D.C., Maryland and Virginia we have been dreaming, but the reality is, we haven’t seen one in quite some time. 

There’s a slight chance that our luck could change just a little in 2020 (which we could all use a little of after this crazy year).

Christmas Eve will be wet with rain and highs in the 50s. We could even have some gusty showers as a warm front, followed by a potent cold front, head in our direction. Temperatures are forecast to fall by afternoon.  

As the cold air moves in, it’s possible that we could see some rain transition to snow later Christmas Eve through early Christmas morning. 

An early look at the Christmas Day forecast calls for much colder weather, with highs likely stuck in the 30s in most areas. 

If we get any flurries on Christmas morning it would not last for an hour or two before it ends. The chance is very small. Also the timing of this could change so please check back here for updates.  

The odds of a white Christmas in D.C. are usually not in our favor. For a true white Christmas, there must be at least 1 inch of snow on the ground. 

On average, only about 10% of Christmases in D.C. have 1 inch or more of snow on the ground. The last year with snow on the ground in D.C. was 11 years ago in 2009. Even more rare in recent years, it hasn’t snowed on Christmas Day in D.C. since 2002, 18 years ago. Here’s the Christmas outlook. 

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