February 22, 2024

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Wild Game Yesterday. KC & SF in the Super Bowl. Will Winter Surprise Us in February? Never Give Up an Easy 3 Points… Enjoy the Weather !!

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One of the most awesome plays yesterday.

Long time readers know I love football!

Amazing catch!

Best comment last night on that wild play.

Allan Huffman does football as good as he does weather!

Full disclosure I’m not a huge fan of either of the two teams that played in the second playoff game. My father loved Detroit Tigers so for some loyalty to a city he had never been to he rooted for the Detroit Lions. Never made a lot of sense to me, but many things don’t make sense and yet we do them over and over so I was ready to root for Daddy who may or may not be up there in football heaven watching along with me. San Francisco was down by so many point it was hard to think they had a chance and yet they managed some crazy come back and ended up winning the game. They just never gave up and more so the energy was electric as each player kept going after tackles picking up additional yardage. 

Why am I talking about football?

Football teaches life lessons! 

left to March 1st… Meteorological Winter

And yet everyone writes off Winter….

…as fast as they write off the Hurricane Season in August.

Something about human nature that no sooner than we get deep into Winter or flip the calendar to August we start trying to predict Winter is Dead and Hurricane Season is a bust. I hate that. You go to the Dollar Store in January and they already have St. Patrick’s Day decorations. I looked hard and everywhere and there were no Mardi Gras decorations the Valentines hot pink and red bled into the Spring Green of St. Paddy’s Day. Come on…

Often the Championship game is better than the Super Bowl and sometimes the Super Bowl surprises us and is exciting. My rule of thumb is never miss a good Championship game to see who gets into the Super Bowl and never give up an easy 3 points as too often it comes back to kick you in the butt. I can argue the logic of going for 2 for a Win vs a Tie on the last play of the game, but not going after an easy 3 points more than once in an important game can make or break a game. You know what else can make or break a game? Dropped passes that hit receivers in the face or chest and that did happen last night a few times. Missed signals, poor handoffs and most of all a feeling a lethargy that settles in when a player decides he is going to lose the game. A stand out player like Christian McCaffrey who was always fun to watch when he played for the Carolina Panthers and check out how many players it takes to take him down after he breaks tackles and keeps going.

Energy is everything in football and weather.

Where’s the energy?

Where’s the lack of energy?

My friend DaBuh recognizes energy.

In season or out of season.


You gotta go wide to see a pattern.

Where does that lil Screaming Eagle go?

He’s watching Screamimng Eagles in the Carib.

Energy splits one feeds the Atlantic later this week.

The other slip slides into the GOM.

When I was a little girl in Miami and Winter was only a Season I saw on calendars or the Nightly News and  Weather Reports of blizzards and something called an Ice Storm that looked like a page from a Superman Comic Book…it showed a little girl in a red coat trying hard to walk to school with the chill of February hitting her in the face tugging at her winter coat! 

I’m gonna enjoy the cold air this week in Raleigh and yes I am hoping we see Winter Weather but enjoying the excitement and joy from that incredible game last night. Not going to obsess on who wins the Super Bowl nor am I going to write off Winter before it’s even February. And, to be honest it’s good to feel excited about sometihng, to see passion and smile and feel the energy jump from the screen into my head and my heart. That’s why people love to watch storm chasers which to me is kind of “okay but wouldn’t you rarther be out there in the wind and the rain of a named storm?” but no people love to watch and as soon as they know I do weather sales ladies at BELK Department Store in Raleigh start telling me who their favorite storm chasers are……… and I smile and giggle inwardly while telling them “yes, they are awesome” and it makes my day. It’s just one of those things that make you smile when you see a kindred spirit while buying a bra from a woman most people would think would be watching the home decorating channel yet she’s watching Reed Timmer and yes she LOVES MIKE!  

Never be too sure you know who is going to win on any given Sunday. And, never ever write off a Hurricane Season the first week of August because no storm has even been named yet or Andrew will bite you in the you know where and Irma and Ian and a long list of storms such as Sandy often punctuate the Hurricane Season and sometimes the Detroit Lions make it into the Championship Game! Maybe Next Year…

Sweet Tropical Dreams or Snowy Dreams,


Ps Hope there’s not too many typos I’m getting over a headache that didn’t stop me from enjoying last night’s game 🙂 Wow. 

This is for my daughter and daughter-in-law …

….who are Swifties.

And for Mitch who wants Pizza and Snow.

Maybe our wildest dreams do come true?

On any given Sunday…

…just catch the well thrown ball.

Catch the high bouncing ball off a players helmet!

And always take the 3 points, when you have the chance!

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