November 27, 2022

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What are the trippiest things you have learned? : meteorology

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Originally I posted this in cosmology and got an amazing response, then I was curious about biology and got an amazing response! So now I am planning to go through the various science subs and see all the secret amazing things that people in those disciplines delight in and just love telling people about their area of study!!! I can’t wait to learn more from all of you an spread the amazing and interesting aspects of the area of study with the world 🙂

So almost everyone I have ever met from every imaginable background brightens up and is totally alive and energetic when they talk about all the mind boggling aspects of reality.

Things like how the universe started so infinitesimally small and now is so massive and contains all this diversity.

Things like the famous “Smallest to Largest Comparison in the Universe”

Philosophy of mind – How material things like skin, central nervous system, brain, etc. can give rise to immaterial (qualia) things like feelings, emotions, consciousness, etc.

How words and concepts can create logical problems that are near unsolvable because those words and concepts are themselves geared towards a linguistic sense and not a philosophical sense.

How things like color, taste, and other phenomenal reality do not exist independent but are an interaction of systems. (The profoundness of how changes in reality can create whole new dimensions of reality).

So within Meteorology what are some things you have learned that you always go back to as the “BIG” mind boogling things you have learned and love thinking about :)?


2022-09-29 21:38:04

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