April 20, 2021

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What are the Conditions for fresh water lakes to freeze? : meteorology

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I don’t live in a cold region but I do live in a region that has cold periods. As far as I knew or thought, for a lake to freeze nights had to be around -5c and the general air temperature had to be under 0c for at least a few days.

Today I was hiking. It was around -1c, the low was around -3c. The lake had a thin layer of ice on the edge. It was a wet day prior to that, but a snowy one prior to that day.

This struck me as odd as I thought that lakes did not freeze until you had a consecutive period of sub zero temps no? Am I wrong on that?

It’s either that or it’s a layer of snow that has laid on the water.

What are the conditions needed for a fresh water lake to freeze? https://i.imgur.com/w98dBOL.jpg

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