June 13, 2024

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West Coast Equinox Storm…. Spring Mornings. Winter Leaving. 71 Days Til Hurricane Season. El Nino Getting Ready to Put on a Show …Currently Neutral But Stay Tuned.

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I love this oak tree!

It may not seem much to you…

…but I tell time with it.

Seasonal time!

I woke up early this morning and decided to take a walk at sunrise. Note, I knew there wasn’t going to be much of a sunrise but I was in the mood to look around. For years growing up in South Florida I loved the sunrise, when in Key West I’d watch tourists so excited to take a technicolor picture and it seemed odd as it happens even on quiet days in Miami you see the colors of the sunrise. I knew it’s different for them in Key West than back home somewhere far from the tropics, but I didn’t realize how different until I moved to North Carolina.. Especially in the Piedmont, far from the ocean or the mountains and Raleigh is inland ….and yes occasionally you see the sun come up in a bright orange ball behind the pine trees but it’s rare. 

Miami, always has some color.

My brother saw the picture and sent me this one above. Even a “quiet sunrise” in Miami has various shades of color, changing moment to moment in real time. He’s obviously on his way to work and out and about. It’s 47 degrees in Raleigh right now, 71 degrees in Miami and for Miami that’s an almost cool pleasant sunrise experience. I appreciated the photo, I know that area well! 

Spring be springing in Raleigh, out West it’s probably not so Spring like but I’ll find out soon. Time will tell, I’ll blog. 

Stayed up last night watching some loops and listening to some friends on YouTube discuss this incredible, amazing cyclonic system that moved inland to California looking as if it had an eye, a real no name storm. We could call it the Spring Equinox Storm I suppose as often storms do spin up somewhere around the Equinox!

Below you can see it on Earthnull!

I posted this last night.

The retweet was important.

Impacts were felt up and down the coast.

Even in Southern California…

..weather was crazy.

Over by Africa….

…far to the South.

A little cloud complex is there… an early wave.

There’s always something going on there…

Yes, that’s current.

Dabuh would say “take the second wave”

Just too early but still there.

The Seasons they be a changing. Winter is slowly sliding away, not that it did a whole lot in the East this year but next year should be cold and wet IF El Nino forms the way we expect it to. I expect El Nino to do some showing up once it gets going. I’m going to post a link down below to a good video by an expert in all things weather but especially Hurricane Season. I’m tired of Click Bait articles promising “nothing to worry about” because El Nino is coming on strong. Yes, and no … maybe. It’s always a “maybe” when it comes to El Nino. What kind of El Nino do you get? Where does it set up? How fast does it build? What will it be like during Hurricane Season??

My salient points are listed here below:

1. You can see El Nino showing it’s red head in the Pacific.

2. You can also see the GOM is warm for winter, as it’s been a warm winter.

3. Off the East Coast there’s pockets of warm water as winter was missing in action.

4. This is important as early in the season we could get busier before shear from the EPAC sets in.

5. Storms forming or intensifying in warm waters close to land are often an issue during El Nino!

Just a lot of questions, watch in real time and ignore Click Bait, stick with the experts!! 

I owe ya all a song…….

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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