September 26, 2023

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Wednesday Waiting on the Weather. Tropics Quiet. Models Musing on Possibilities. Nothing Happening Today or Tomorrow.

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You can see from all the blue and green there’s nothing happening.

No vorticity anywhere in the Caribbean, GOM or SW Atlantic. 

A really neat Tropical Wave crossing the Atlantic.

I mean it has a pulse.

Yes I said “neat” but not ready for prime time.

No yellow circles.

No purple splotches.

There’s a whole in the Atlantic.

Actually it’s a high pressure area.

It’s steering everything WEST…. 

…but shear and dry air from SAL inhibits development.


…show possibilities.

I know rinse, repeat.

Somewhere Cranky is reading this yawning.

Cranky Weather is missed.

He could write a weather novel out of nothing.

Personally I’m shopping for a dress.

Maybe a few…

A son is getting married in June in Georgia.

I’m pretty sure I’d be thrown out if I wore black.

I have a cute black flapper like dress… 

…but it’s black and it’s the South and summer.

Flowers are in…. 

…I tried more blue flowered dresses than you can imagine.

Blue is a big color this summer.

Wild red dress… but a bit much unless you’re a Diva.

I mean really…. I almost tried it on.

I want classy and simple but not boring.

Check out the 3 Amigos over Africa.

Will that collide into one huge wave.

Or two waves?

Waiting on waves.

No cheap flights to Miami this coming week.

Sometimes you find one for $69

But not anymore…. 

…yes thought on it but no not happening.

I just know I could find the perfect dress at Aventura.

Some sale rack in JC Pennys… 

Not doing purple or red.

What’s a girl to do without a dress and no waves to watch ??

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Maybe discuss the long range models.

Besos BobbiStorm


Ps Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Note I did not say stalk me LOL.

Ps. I have 2 blue cocktail dreses with flowers on them because it’s the summer of 2022! Another one ordered that hasn’t arrived yet… or just wear the flapper black cocktail dress? (BobbiStorm)

2022-06-08 22:45:00

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