April 25, 2024

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Weather on East Coast Wednesday into Thursday Mess. I-95 Will Be Slow Drive. Baltimore Bridge Investigation Going On. May Day Call Made Before Crash.

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Wednesday and Thursday is a washout

East Coast

I95 travel messy

Investigation in Baltimore will bog down with Weather.

There will be lots of investigations going on.

You can see how it’s rooted in the GOM

Then energy moves North up the coastline.

Messy day to drive I-95

I’ll be in Raleigh waiting for weather!

As for the 2024 Hurricane Season, while I will discuss possibilities I think it’s too early to make dramatic posts online promising “wild” “wicked” season using up all the letters in the Name List as some have done online promising every calamity possible to every city the person giving the forecast lives close to…

Yes, I can say many factors make us go “hmnn” and a few of us go “ohhh no” but it’s too soon to stay what will be definitively. 

La Nina should be in sway or trying to come on strong by June, JULY and even more so in AUGUST. The high numbers forecast for 2024 are based on this factor and if it doesn’t verify then people are just promising tropical drama and looking for clicks and shares.

Water is currently warmer than normal in the Atlantic out where storms form and if that continues the energy is there for tropical trouble. 

Will frontal boundaries continue to move off the SE coastline and drap themselves across Florida leaving an area where spin can spin up into early season action?

How strong will Sahaharan Dust be down the road? Will it come on strong and dry out warm water fed moisture or will it be less of a factor.

It’s just too soon to tell. 

What I can say is we watch the current pattern, the set up and look for clues and then we continue to watch where we go down the line as we get closer to May. What may be in May … may not be visible currently in our magic tropical 8 ball!

Til then it’s all speculation, hype and wishcasting.

Currently we can see the flow from GOM

We can also see moisture feed into NATL

NATL was hot last year will it be hot this year?

Stay tuned.

As for the ship that crashed into he bridge.

Close up it’s bizarre.

It’s all bizarre.

Good news is that the ship having power problems made a May Day call and they were able to slow traffic onto the bridge. When you watch the video you can see how the traffic was busier and then it slows and then it’s hard to actually see any cars on the bridge. Thank God for that…..

A huge mess.

This post shows the harbor well.

Economic mess more than most realize.

Cruiseships use this port.

Roll on/Roll off ships.




Construction supplies


Name it……

Rebuilding will be upwards of 500 Million Dollars

Traffic in and out of Baltimore messy.

DC – Baltimore area severely impacted.

Hopefully those missing will be found alive.

But with 6 people missing… 


Stay on top of the weather always.

Pay attention to coming Hurricane Season.

Now the time for preparation not hype.

One of the best ways to prepare children is….0

…to teach them on their level about hurricanes.

Knowledge is power.

Always good.

Sweet tropical dreams,


@bobbistorm on Twitter

Where’s the tropical weather you may ask? Near Madagascar…..

on the far side of the world……

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