March 27, 2023

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Watching the Caribbean. EPAC 60%. … Some Day… Some Way…. Soon Nuff…. Some Thing Will Come Our Way!!!!! Prepare NOW For an ACTIVE BUSY 2022 Hurricane Season. Lotta Landfalls. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya..

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Listening to Mike talk today.

Caught him, not easy for me.

Usually busy in the morning.

But this graphic is more useful than others.

Models are showing tropical trouble.

Long range, not soo long range.

But not on the NHC Page just yet.

Some nuggests from Mike this morning:

“Linemen are American Heroes” “Above Superman” “More Popular than Superman!!!” Mike is funny but he always has his finger on the pulse of real America connecting to people from such diverse backgrounds, cultures, places and yet they all enjoy listening to Mike talk. And, Mike teaches people watching how to move around and maneuver within the various, sometimes complicated weather websites! He’s a keeper!

As for the NHC… 

Note EPAC has something.

Will EPAC something become our thing again?

60% orange in the 5 day.

And, yes some models take it to our side of the world!

Actually a lot of things to look at down the road.

240 Hours out is far, far, away…

A purple splotch, small and clinging to Panama is down there separate from the area in the EPAC. This is a question the models will answer in that if something forms and crosses over (does lighting strike twice?) or does something form from another area.  Take it down the road to next Saturday (long range) the GFS has a semi formed, trying to form system down near Cuba.

Could happen.

Moisture always over Florida.

Been very rainy down there.

Within reason that it could happen.


Too soon to tell.

But we are all watching… 

Good news is you have time to buy hurricane supplies.

Bit by bit, put it together!

Besos BobbiStorm

Sweet Tropical Dreams

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Song stuck in my mind the last few days….

…now you can sing along!! (BobbiStorm)

2022-06-09 22:43:00

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