October 1, 2022

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Watching Fiona Going Hurricane… 70 MPH This Morning & Looking like a Hurricane More than a TS. Epic Rainfall for PR 15 to 20 Inches (hope no) Stay tuned…….

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NHC headline… going straight to the source!

This is the real story of Fiona.

The now not the later.

Fiona dumping rain on Puerto Rico!

Slowly crawling along….

…now 70 MPH

Should be, could be a Hurricane at 11 AM!

Barometric Pressure dropping slowly.

Winds should correspond in real time.

Good screen grab from Zoom Earth.

Check them out they are awesome!

I’m not showing models as they align.

Now if only Fiona’s centers would align…

And another great site easy to use is Windy

This is the Icon model down the road.

NHC has it at 110 MPH in the open Atlantic!

So the story is this and it’s fairly simple…. Fiona is a huge rain event for an island that is not really ready for Prime Time Hurricane Season and even this weak version of a real hurricane will be too much for much of the grid to handle and will set back recovery back more than any of us want to see. Rain, heavy rains on high terrain prone to Flash Floods without a 75 MPH Hurricane and it should be that when it finally edges across PR on it’s way to DR!

Good grahic by Andrew Moore shown above!

15 to 20 inches of rain possible in places.

The most relevant cone from NHC is above.

Track takes the center through the Mona Passage.

Yes I have said that for a while now.

A few of us have said that.

It’s a common track.

How much land interaction with DR is important.

Eastern tip lower than the middle as you’ll see below.

Showing the East side of PR above.

Has high mountains, ravines and heavy rain isn’t a blessing.

The area in Dominican Republic that should see Fiona.

Eastern tip flatter than the core of DR.

That’s really all I’m going to say today. I need to do some work here while I watch Fiona on loops. I need to buy a few things. I need to pack for a few days away while I do my thing and my husband works. My thing may be sitting in a hotel room blogging about Fiona; time will tell but today time is short and I’ll post 11 AM at the top!

Not easy being a Capricorn. In the mood to organize everything today and too restless to stay focused on the one chore I want to do the most. My mind isn’t in it. Doing odd things online such as I’m waiting to see where iCyclone tweets from as he has been quiet and that usually means he’s traveling to set up somewhere. I’m in a mood… what to do for dinner… Sushi? or Hamburgers? 

I’ll be honest, I’d love to go to the beach up here and feel strong waves and wind from an offshore Hurricane. I don’t wish a hurricane on my favorite Carolina beaches but a near miss would be just fine. If we do get one it’ll probably be doing the High Holy Days when I have some responsibities and I don’t travel so watch that period haha for development. No, seriously just in that mood with one foot in Fall and yearning for winter and dealing with high heat that feels like summer. I’m wondering if the hotel’s pool is open as it probably is but you never know up north, down south in the Carolinas.

Sometimes in life you have to compromise or find common ground or pick your priorities. I really would like to be in Myrtle Beach (so close and yet so far) so while writing on Fiona I watch the morning sunrise imagery from there on YouTube. I turn up the sound, make the picture huge and smile as that’s the view from my balcony when there. One of these days I’ll have to admit I’m a Carolina Girl who is from Miami 😉

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps Sometimes in life you got to live in the present with what you have while watching the stars and the moon and it’s okay to be unpredictable sometimes but you still gotta do what you gotta do and you have to find the beauty of the world around you even if part of you is somewhere else for a few minutes… from the bottom of my heart……… no you can’t see the future but we can’t live in the past so merge it all together and find something you love and treasure it and when you have time take a trip somewhere to a place you enjoy and if that means chasing hurricanes or twisters or shopping til you drop or just sitting by a fountain watching the sunse!

Watching loops…. Fiona going Hurricane!

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