March 29, 2023

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Tropical Storm Bonnie Forms in Carib. Rainy Forecast for Carolinas, Florida. Leftovers From 95L in Texas.

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… but interesting.

Islands are watching the rain.

Compare and contrast with Bonnie.

Otherwise I’m getting over what seems to be a mild case of Covid or whatever we call it these days after the trip to Atlanta. I feel much better today than yesterday so my husband and I have a license to chill over the July 4th Weekend; home together resting up, relaxing and recovering. You don’t really travel these days or go to a large family wedding event without knowing you could catch it. Yet, several families we are close with in Raleigh were sick here as well with no wedding or traveling. My kids in Seattle were sick with it and it’s the first time they actually got it. Pretty sure I had it after a trip to Miami last December, feels totally the same but different variant. Reminds me of that song, new wave, next wave it’s still rock and roll to me.  I feel so much better today thankfully after a day of tea, soup, herbs, vitamin C and lots of tangerines and oranges.  Great trip really, beautiful wedding and a very, very nice trip home along the backroads on Tuesday. Bride and Groom keep testing negative as do many of the people, kind of random who gets it and who doesn’t. Kind of like random rain (Mike used that phrase earlier regarding the Carolinas) but he’s right, it’s kind of random rain, summer storms and considering the last two weeks were hectic it’s actually a good idea to rest up and relax, breathe, sleep and read. That Carolina Blob really looks way better than expected. I digress… 

Thanks for your patience. I’m back. If anything changes today I’ll update, but currently we are set to have a quiet tropics for July 4th weekend with rain in all the regular places in the summertime when we have this sort of pattern. There are a lot of good movies out, go to the movies if your plans get rained otu! Stimulate the economy and shop! Or just hang out inside doing whatever you do inside 😉

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Happy July 4th Weekend!

Ps Excuse any typos, will double check later cause I’m a bit under the weather but feeling good all in all! (BobbiStorm)

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