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Tropical Still Quiet. I’m on Vacation with Family and Sneaking Peeks at the NHC Main Page BUT NOTHING… Soon There Will Be Something. Stay Tuned!

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At some point one of them develops some.

Til then they are juicing up the atmosphere.

Fighting off the SAL.

The story is like this….

The MJO is supposed to show up around the time that CLIMO dictates the tropics come to life. So, having a reinforcing MJO on top of other factors is relevant. There are fronts still as you can see hanging off the East Coast and a kick ass tropical wave off of Africa. You can see the last beautiful wave at the entrance of the islands being ripped apart by shear that is there in July. In less than 2 weeks it’s August. SAL lessens some, shear weakens and tropical waves move West until they hit that place where they come to life. 

I’m in the Miami area visiting numerous family members, busy, busy, hot, hot and as my brother said yesterday at lunch “this is hurricane weather” and being old Floridians back to the 1800s we know hurricane weather. When I say “hurricane weather” I don’t mean a hurricane is about to develop, I mean that this weather pattern will be a magnet regarding track once tropical waves become tropical storms and explode into hurricanes.  You can see in the image below how the SAL has moved across the Atlantic and is lingering around Florida and there are pockets up near the Carolinas.

The empty areas in the red SAL are the kick ass waves!

Where SAL goes in July….

…hurricanes follow in late August and September.

It’s a process as old as time.

I know, I’ve said this before and it sounds like “rinse and repeat” but until the tropics come to life the usual deniers will continue to deny we will have a busy hurricane season. I don’t have time fot that, I have places to go and people to see before going back to the Hot Carolinas who will be having a Heat Wave when I get back. Joy. 

Keep checking in, because as soon as the NHC puts up a yellow 10% or 20% I’ll be back to blogging daily and watching the models. Til then, I’m taking my tropical vacation. My kids live in very tropical places… 

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