January 26, 2021

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Tropical Depression 28 Forms in the Caribbean. Forecast To Catch a Cold Front Taking it to the Gulf of Mexico Coast. Next Name Up is ZETA

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Tropical Depression 28 seems proud of itself.

Smiling down there in a sweet spot.

Spinning, getting its groove on.

NHC discussion said it basically looked good enuff.

Data from planes supported an upgrade.

Note water temperatures warm where it is now.

Currently has little shear.

Warm water.

A front has passed it by.

A high builds in for a bit.

Let’s see what it looks like on Sunday.

Landfall to East of the current Cone is likely.

Cones change in real time.

Currently the timing is Wednesday night.

But it’s down the road.

Waiting on the stronger front.

Worth mentioning here that models were less concise yesterday, a bit closer together tonight and who knows what they will show tomorrow. Is this is tightly wound up system or a hot mess on it’s movement up through the Gulf of Mexico with shear from the approaching cold front shearing strong storms East over Florida while the cone aims currently towards Loiusiana? Also remember tropical storms and cold fronts are prone to create tornadic spin ups as the squall lines approach land so while this could come in between Alabama and the Florida Panhandle somewhere the weather may be worse around the Big Bend. And stray weather could stream across a wide part of Florida UNLESS it wraps up nice and there is less shear from the front. Let’s see what 28 has under the hood and how strong the engine is around Monday.

Stay tuned.

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