April 25, 2024

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Spring Fever!! Pollen Storm in Carolinas!!! Severe Weather Day!!!! Hurricane Season Prep…. 60 Days Til Hurricane Season….

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3 things to discuss today.

Severe Weather today.

Pollen Storm in Carolinas.

Hurricane Season.

I’m not exaggerating on the pollen today.

This close up of footsteps in the pollen…

…should say it all.

It’s a light dusting………

…but more than our snow for this year!

No joke.

Check out the grass…that’s pollen on it!

Yes, NC is pretty.

Pollen Pretty today.

Listen it’s part of life here, but this year has been the worst I remember since possibly the year of the Polar Vortex which is strange as that year it was much colder and we had snow. In truth we had a nice long winter, started early, some days cold enough to leave the water dripping to protect the pipes but no real snow. While it’s ridiculously hot today supposedly going to hit 88 degrees with a steady breeze…it’s forecast to be 36 degrees Friday night as a low with the warm tempers back in the 50s. We call this lovingly Carolina Bi Polar Weather as Winter tries to hold onto a Spring that feels more like Summer for 2 days than an April Spring!

Pretty much can get any weather you like….

…for a day or two.

Today it’s 88 degrees 🙁

Miami girl likes it in the 50s and 60s… 

Like God’s doing the Air Conditioning 😉

Kind of hard to see as it’s all green, rolling eyes.

Yellow and green.

Steady wind 15 MPH gusting way higher.

literally raining pollen

Tomorrow we have the chance of severe weather.

Maybe… more to our West.

We’ll see.

I have plans to be out and about…..

From Mike’s awesome weather page !

Today’s risk areas….

…then it slides East.

Yes today is a Severe WXR Day!

YouTube has lots of links to chasers.

Yesterday I left Reed Timmer on ….

…always enjoy him chasing!

Last but not least…


April 4th CSU Forecast Comes Out.

Lots of good forecasts out already.

But the depth of academic data in CSU…

…makes it the Big Daddy of Forecasts.

For me anyway, I’m old school.

My thoughts are below.

Should be a bumper year for chasers.

A wicked year for those prone to worrying.

A good year to focus on Hurricane Prep!! 

Headlines matter……

…so do our words!

Good word usage below.

Big Hurricane Season.

Strong Hurricane Season

Busy Hurricane Season

Active Hurricane Season

Vigorous Hurricane Season


Wild Hurricane Season

Destructive Hurricane Season

Horrendous Hurricane Season

Horrific Hurricane Season

Violent Hurricane Season

Not good word usage!!

Not in early April…..

…hopefully not in August.

Time will tell….

In early April screaming “SHARK in the WATER” isn’t productive and after a while leads to “yeah they always say that” vs “better prepare, get a generator” and while it does make headlines it’s often ignored as “hype” news or click bait! 

Yes it does make for great click bait but it’s easily dismissed as “LIVE BREAKING NEWS” all day long on all the News Channels that come back after every commercial and a banner reads “BREAKING NEWS” while you roll your eyes and think “this better be real news” and wonder why you watch cable news.

Yes most signs point to an active hurricane season with many named storms especially due to warm water and low shear the ability for many of these storms to intensify to Major Hurricanes is there and concerning. As everyone is saying “think 2017” though no two seasons are exactly the same. 

There are always counter signs such as Saharan Dust that dries out the air despite how hot the water is…

Wind shear from other influences other than those that El Nino bring.

Development of a strong high or a TUTT … 

Bottom Line is current signs says you need to take this Hurricane Season very seriously. Yes, all seasons need to be taken seriously but similar to 2017 the conditions may allow strong Major Hurricanes such as Maria and Irma to come to our Caribbean Island Nations and our beach cities along Hurricane Coastlines. And, as always inland dangers from widespread flooding and tornadoes is just as problematic in it’s own way as storm surge!

Hurricane Prep Lists Vary.

Do you have kids?
Do you have babies?

Do you have pets?

Do you own a boat???

Do you have grandparents?
Or Elderly Neighbors?

Besos BobbiStorm

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Ps yes I did change fonts 🙂

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