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Spring Brings Beautiful Blooms Busting Out All Over……………Also Brings Dangerous Spring Severe Weather Storms with Rain & Twisters!

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This is not an art project by your grandchild after you gave them a pack of crayons and a map and told them to color the squares in. I taught kindergarten once upon the time and I’d do that on rainy days, the kids would make crazy patterns across state lines.  Every kind of weather danger on the map other than a hurricane!

Cells exploding.

Spring is busing out all over.

The beauty of trees in bloom is stunning.

But the ugly side is severe weather warnings ….

…busting out all over!

It’s serious trouble and the trouble has begun. The trouble will be moving East tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Spring is here and Spring Severe Weather season is also here and looking to be a potent for this month, next month and possibly the month after.

What this image above shows is that we are still dealing with fronts moving across the United States with the threat of late season winter weather to the North and wild, wicked storms that could include tornadoes.  This will continue until Tropical Weather appears and around the same time the fronts subside the tropical waves drift WNW until the reach up looking for a late season cold front to ride across Florida. Those years provide the Florida Panhandle with a target for early May trouble!

I’m still in Raleigh as my mother-in-law fell and broke her other hip and needed surgery again so we drove up to Baltimore to check on her. We celebrated Purim in Baltimore where I have several good friends and we had a good time. Zinnia, my mother-in-law, is hopefully healing but she’s not a Spring Chicken anymore. She’s actually been a Vegetarian her whole life. Packing for Florida where my daughter had a baby boy on Purim and where other family and friends live so I can touch base, give hugs and breathe in deeply the balmy air while staring at palm trees sway in the tropical breeze and watch tourists on rented boats going up and down the river. The locals do have boats but they rarely go up and down the Miami River 😉

The WAR rages on in Ukraine and it’s difficult to watch and worrisome to wonder where it goes. In times such as these I give thanks and try to enjoy the day and live in the moment!

Purim is a fun, dress up holiday!

This year it hit on St. Patricks Day!

I really adore Batsheva, seen above, waring a green hat and a huge smile celebrating our Jewish holiday of Purim. I inherited her from my daughter who was friends with her in Atlanta and after moving to Miami she and I became buddies. I wore a green skirt, green leggings, green bracelets and a crown that’s kind of slipping because she gives the best hugs.  As much as I wanted to be in Miami for Purim, being in Baltimore had it’s benefits. I also saw a friend who used to go by Happy Harry for lunch at the new sushi joint. Gotta find the joy where you can find the joy. 

Find the joy! 

Even if you have to search for it and keep smiling!

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps…. The map above reminded me of the bus in this music video and it’s a fun, happy song by a good friend of the family… him, his father, his Aunt, his … oh my gosh can’t even begin to count how many ways I know Benny Friedman… my oldest son produced his first albumns… proud of him!

Meir, who produced this video, also is responsible for the Super Bowl parties for homeless or any in need. You can read about them here. 

If you aren’t into praying, do a good deed and try to help someone… in times such as these it’s good to do good deeds and smile and find the joy!

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