June 13, 2024

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Sooner or Later… A Yellow Circle Will Show Up on NHC Site… Sooner or Later Arlene Will Form… Prepare Now or Wait for the Panic at Publix……..Miami Rainy Season Begins!

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If you are new at this .. blue shows lower pressure.

Tropical systems and Lows in general are low pressure.

While this isn’t a go for lift off for something tropical getting a name, it’s part of the process of pressures lowering, some sort of closed Low tries to form and makes a move North along the coast up into the Atlantic where the pressure is lower (blue) in an area that is common for early season tropical development. Actually a Low is off the Carolinas later this week that sure looks to many as if it’s making “landfall” (moving on shore) then sliding up the coast. If both these scenarios pan out it’ll show a pattern setting up at the right time of year for early season development of some kind off of Florida and the Carolinas. Name or no name, it gets our attention and makes the start of the Hurricane Season in 15 days seem more real.

Above is the GFS for Friday this week.

In other news……

Miami Rainy Season aka Miami Monsoon Season started.

Around 3 PM my daughter called as she was driving through Hollywood and sure that her car was being moved by a small tornado, “things” were spinning in the air and she had problems driving. A few blocks away my son called and said he saw a “tornado” it wasn’t just heavy rain, there was rotation and things in the air spinning. Not sure if it was a small tornado or just a bit of rotation but the South Florida Monson Season has begun! We liked to call it “rainy season” so the tourists do not get scared off going into Memorital Day Weekend, but that part of Florida …south of the Lake gets a monsoonal rainy season! Ta da! It’s here.

Officially nothing happening for 7 days.

We’ll see what the NHC does…

…if they feel the area is worthy of a yellow circle.

As always time will tell.

But sooner or later… we will have something to talk about.

Stay tuned….

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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Old song.

Why it came to my mind???

It’s a mystery to me…

…but going with it.

Sooner or later Arlene will show up!

Prepare now!

Do what ya gotta do….

…or wait to get caught in the panic at Publix!

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