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Solar Eclipse 1 Day Away!! Hurricane Season 2024 55 Days Away…. 1926 Analog Year Hmnnn

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Monday’s weather…..

Iffy who gets a good view.

All about the timing of the storms….

New England looks good!

Upstate New York…

Will there be an aftershock during an the eclipse?

What to talk about? 

Hurricane Season 2024 or The Eclipse?

It’s that time of year I can almost smell the hurricane season in the wind in my head, but it was 43 degrees this morning in Raleigh and the only thing in the wind here is pollen. Lots of pollen blowing in the wind…

I’m a Hurricane History person and my main curiosity is analog years always.

This will be discussed in more depth as we get closer to May. 1926 was a year famous for 3 different landfalling hurricanes. The September Prime Time landfalling Great Miami Hurricane that I talk on often, the last Category 4 direct hit for Miami Beach vs Homestead far to the South with Andrew. The Nassau aka Bahama Hurricane of 1926 in July caused part of the lethargy in Miami to prepare for a tropical cyclone as originally the Miami area was warned a hurricane was coming and not much happened in Miami. It was referred to by the locals as a “tree trimmer” storm and after they picked up the debris everything was fine. Add in most Miami people were new to the area and totally clueless what a hurricane was, but they knew it didn’t live up to the forecast. The storm pulled more to the North making landfall further up the coast and Miami was on the SW quieter side. So when warnings were posted another hurriacane was coming…. people yawned and went about life in the Roaring 20s unaware a roaring hurricane was on it’s way for a direct hit on Miami Beach, Miami and parts of Broward County!

vs the Miami Hurricane below………

…similar but different.

Obviously a high was in place in July and September.

Then you had the Cuban hurricane in October.

Classic track but went straight over Havana.

Miami again on side of it….

1926 was a year of problems for Miami and it’s BOOM as Banks had begun to regulate the sale and resale an resale of lots built in swamps that had not yet been even drained. And, the banks put regulations on the popular game of buying on margin, putting down a small amount and well papers around the country had begun to tarnish Miami’s fun in the sun appeal as a place where untrustworthy people were scamming lots of people from Ohio who were buying swamp land. Others bought beautiful Roaring 20s Mansions or small cottages that later were gone with the wind…tho the well built homes built in Coral Gables withstood the test of the strong winds and while messy, they are still around and being lived in today! Areas such as Fulford By the Sea now North Miami Beach were literally gone with the wind.

Also of note was a boat that didn’t float and crashed over in the turning basin and shut down commerce in Miami much the way the Dali is blocking all the traffic in and out of Baltimore Harbor. While the hurricane put the final nail in the coffin the Train Strike after the Ship calamity pretty much shut down Miami for a while before the hurricane hit, when they were just recovering.

Hard to see but took forever to move it…

Ships could not get in or out of port.

Should have had a better drone pic!

Honestly Biscayne Bay is very shallow…

…so boats have a narrow path thru the beautiful bay!

As for the Eclipse………

Doesn’t Jim look cute?

Looks very wintry there.

I was at Fenway Park in the Winter.

Has that that look to it…..

There’s forecasts everywhere.

Either you’re there in place…….

…or you’re watching at home.

I’m content for 80 something percent here.

I have a son who’ll be in Chicago at 92% ish

I’d chase an eye of a hurricane.

I’d love to see the Northern Lights.

I enjoyed the partial eclipse here last time.

I saw a solar eclipse when young somewhere..

Heater is on here……..

The house heater not my bedroom cutie one.

I’m gonna take a warm, hot shower.

And I’m gonna think on the eclipse later.

Hurricane Season is a lot to think on.

A lot!

Especially for Florida and many cities on SE coast.

Gulf of Mexico.




As for the Eclipse…


Sunny with clouds.

I think watching it get dark, dark like the sun is setting in the middle of the day is cool enough for me. I really did see one when young and remember it well enough but mostly remember my mother screaming “DONT LOOK AT THE SUN” and I did peek and for a few moments I couldn’t see well, well I could see but that little mostly gone sun was there and I thought “OH shit I’m gonna be blind. I’ll never hear the end of this” and then it went away and I was okay 🙂  I wouldn’t suggest doing that and use a pinhole viewer, use approved glasses, look at the leaves on the ground… the shadows…. it’s awesome. And, then it’s gone.

Kind of like chasing a tornado vs a hurricane.

Short lived “WOW” and for many it’s truly a wild experience.

Being in a slow moving hurricane ripping things off of homes in the neighborhood, watching the sky light up with purple lightning that’s really transformers blowing and watching pieces of the neighbor’s roof tiles take flight in the wind as you stand on the side of the house protected from the wind is wild. There’s not really even time to pray …you just take it all in. At the beach, near the beach you need something to stop the sand from sandblasting you and seafoam is incredible and the roar of the wind is oh my gosh, the first time it’ll haunt your dreams…..and you are either terrified and book a flight out of town when you’re in the cone or you wait and wait for the next time you hear that roar of a hurricane.

Eclipses are fun too! Awesome.

Much love


@bobbistorm on Twitter

Long blog, will proof it later. Need a shower. Need some Nespresso.


Is anyone reading the blog today?

This song is more annoying than it was back when…

….let’s go with a Hurricane song instead 🙂 (BobbiStorm)

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