May 27, 2024

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Severe Weather Still Rinse and Repeat, a Patter That is Stuck For Now… Models Still Show a “Low” off the SE Coast Later This Week. Time Will Tell.

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On a local level we got weather.

Again, strong weather with wind, rain and hail.

Lots of thunder.

Another line coming through soon…

But beyond my local weather drama, there’s lots of weather up and down the coast. Again, this pattern has not busted but it will eventually.

Models still show “something” off the SE coast slip sliding up and down and or being anchored refusing to leave.  Models could be wrong and it could slide off to the East in search of adventure. But more and more models suggest we could have a Low of some sort off the SE coast that could try and become a Subtropical Storm. Further down the model road some models suggest a chance of development down in the Caribbean (a bit low for this time of year unless it’s headed into the Epac) but we have plenty of time to talk on that later.

The ONLY given “for sure” thing to talk about today is HURRICANE PREP! The time is now and now is the time to make lists, look for things you may need on sale before the price climbs when named storms are parading on their way to our friendly waters.  A generator is cheaper when you are not in the middle of Hurricane Season (or Winter) as it’s all about supply and demand. 

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. One way or another we are all touched by our mothers and our Aunts, Grandmothers by whatever name we call them so let’s celebrate the gift of magical women in our lives that care for us be they regular birth mothers or mother’s best friend or your Aunt. I was blessed as I have an incredible Aunt who was a second mother to me. Sometimes we get lucky and end up with a stepmother who can be a friend or second mother. 

Celebrate love and friendship.

And put together your hurricane supplies because the way inflation is going the Dollar Store could be the $1.50 store in August!  Canned Tuna lasts a long time, stock up now!

Ps…. just noticed Mike posted this on Twitter. To be honest I had to blow it up to see the small little purple splotch, more like a crushed blueberry but hey hey… it’s on the map so watch the area is what I am saying!

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram (BobbiStorm)

2022-05-06 23:07:00

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