January 26, 2023

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Semi-arid climate and humidity? : meteorology

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Hi everyone!

I’d like some help analysing a climate for the purpose of creating climate-responsive architectural design. I am still learning and using a small project in Tripoli, Libya as practice. I’ve prepared a series of graphs that I am in the process of analysing to determine the best passive design strategies appropriate to the location and climate.

I’m analysing a climate that is classified as hot semi-arid (BSh) and I’m a bit confused now that I am looking at some graphs. The graph has been plotted with grasshopper and ladybug.

Hot semi-arid climates generally have very hot summers, mild winters and minimal precipitation. I’ve been trying to describe the climate using the diurnal weather averages chart and I am having trouble understanding some data.

r/meteorology - Help with climate analysis: Semi-arid climate and humidity?

So, looking at the average dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature at midday, I have a 5.6 deg difference in winter (December: db=18 & wb=12.4) and 8.2 deg difference in summer (June: db=27.2 & wb=19.5). This small difference suggests a humid climate?

Then, looking at the diurnal swing, I have an average diurnal temperature variation of 5.1 deg, which also suggests a humid climate? (December: db_max=18.2 & db_min=12.9 // June: db_max=27.7 & db_min= 22.6)

There is not much variation in solar radiation throughout the year, direct radiation remains high all year round and clouds are minimal (avg. 26%).

The grey represents ASHRAE adaptive comfort zone with 90% acceptability and takes the cooling effect into account.

Does the climate classification match the graph? Are there any other interesting points that can be extracted from this graph?

If this graph isn’t enough to paint a complete picture of the climate, I have others prepared as well that I can post if needed.

Thanks 🙂


2022-12-29 17:48:11

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