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Sean Weak. Models Show 94L Strengthening Down the Road. Watching Tropics in Mid October

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off the SE Coastline.

Based on most models.

It’s logical to expect a TS in/near the Islands.

Some make it stronger as you can see above.

Remember this is a very long range model.

Shows you where we look for tropical trouble.

And that’s it for today. I have bigger things on my mind than the tropics today. If there was a Major Hurricane somewhere headed towards a coastal town obviously I’d be obsessing more. But I’m currently almost 24/7 obsessing on things going on in Israel where I have distant family, friends and I have grandchildren in Florida who are Israeli Americans who have family there that I love…their Uncles in Israel are in the army …called up as reserves headed to the North. I don’t talk much about these things, I keep it mostly on weather on Twitter but no I’m not really “okay” but I’m strong and keeping busy doing things to help others who need. 

But this is me also and it’s a commitment to post updates on the tropics …even 45 MPH storms like Sean that is expected to stay out at sea.

And for the countless time my degrees from college are in English (really, can’t tell from this blog) and International Relations/GeoPolitics so I’m normally a News Freak if sometihng is going on in the world. I keep up on GeoPolitics in journals and online sites that have special Intel and codes to get into so my mind is everywhere… and I have a lot of kids on WhatsApp and a few kids who lived by my house for years and call me “Ma!” texting me and part of what is called 

Women with special expertise, Jewish, Arabic, Druze, Christians all living in Israel who volunteer and jump into action as soon as they get a call that someone near them, someone they don’t know needs immediate help before an ambulence can get there. In Israel many places are remote, they use Motorcyles with medical supplies and in Tel Aviv in tall condos there are more than one volunteer in the building and whoever is closer is sent and they drop everything and run… now more than ever they need money as in one day of the War they went thru a YEAR’S worth of emergency supplies… 

From 2022…before the War.

So a bit busy.

There’s things you don’t hear about in the news about Israel. Here’s a story from a Moslem Medic who was trapped and tricked by Hamas to make him think they were soldiers on the side of the road last weekend and he lived through a nightmare and he lived to tell about it… he is part of Hatzalah.

Thank God he was rescured after being in the middle of a gunfight used as a “hostage/shield” tied to a pole in the middle of crossfire… a man whose whole life is dedicated to saving lives in Israel, every life that comes into his hosptial or where ever he volunteers with Hatzlah going through that is so sad, his prayers were answered. 



site to donate to these incredible medics on the ground.

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