March 29, 2023

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Hi r/meteorology,

I’m fascinated by what I’ve read about this storm and experienced it as a young kid in the Northeast of the US. As a kid, it was just the greatest thing to me. Reading about it now though, it seems like this storm was different than most. It almost had the characteristics of a hurricane in the Summer instead of a nor’easter in Winter.

What I’m really interested in though is thoughts on the following : From the Wikipedia article, there’s this one section that mentions that a volcanic winter due to an eruption in 1991 that may have contributed to the formation of this storm. From the page :

A volcanic winter is thought to have started with the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The temperature in the stratosphere rose to several degrees higher than normal, due to the absorption of radiation by the aerosol. The stratospheric cloud from the eruption persisted in the atmosphere for three years. The eruption, while not directly responsible, may have played a part in the formation of the 1993 Storm of the Century.[7]

From what I can see, it’s only source is a WSJ article, that I cannot see, that mentions this so not sure of the sources they used. Sounds like only speculation but I wanted to see if there is anymore information on this.



2023-03-13 15:58:32

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