April 25, 2024

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Rain Day in Raleigh. Severe Weather & Tornado Warnings Currently in the SE (GA …up into Carolinas… Never Forget Virginia) Are You Eclipse Chasing? Hurricane Prep… Anyone Have an Aquarium??

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Woke up to rain. Heavy Rain now…

I put on TWC old school style 🙂

Pouring outside now.

Jim doing weather….

…TWC talking on The Solar Eclipse!

They will be chasing it…

Today is a Weather Day in Raleigh! Woke up way too early and smiled as the rain was moving in. That will wash off a lot of the pollen that landed all over everything after a record breaking pollen day in Raleigh! And, I like rain, I like wind and some storms should roll through later today. Then the daily high temperatures leave summer like 87 degrees and get back down into the 50s and 60s the way I like them.

Yes I know I am on the losing end of wishing on cool weather, but I’ll savor the days I have left before the horrendous heat moves in that defines a North Carolina summer in the Piedmont part of the State. Hot air, no breeze and time to go to Miami and enjoy a strong breeze off of Biscayne Bay! I will be in Miami in May, Miami Monsoons and maybe take a trip down to the Keys with my brother if the timing is right to watch a line of thunderstorms sweep through Key Largo! Time will tell…

Check out that low….wound up tight.

Pushing the system along!

I do so love a well wound up Low!

East Coast Weather Day!

Pay attention to your local weather.

Alerts on…. stay aware there!

Oh and it’ll be WINDY in Florida.

My plan for today is to “enjoy” whatever is going on here, get things done, enjoy the day and most likely update later today depending on what kind of severe weather (if any) we get! So let’s talk eclipse for a bit.

If you’re chasing……….this may help you!

As Jim says…forecasts have to verify…

So many decisions for Eclipse Chasers!

Chase the eclipse or….

…your favorite on air weather person!!

Or weather on the ground …..

…. prime time Tornado Season.

Just saying.

As for the daily tip on Hurricane Preparation…

Anyone have a fish tank?


I used to…. 

This site has a beautiful blog with good info.

It may sound silly to some but….

…if you’ve spent a fortune on your Salt Water Tank

Or cute general variety fish tank.

You may want to check out this site!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


I’ll be honest.

Urban Cowboy….great movie.

Fantastic soundtrack.

I’m an 80s girl when it comes to movies.

And, soundtracks…. 

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