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Quick Update While On the Road. Florida Storm a Big Question. Non Tropical Low…. Where Does It Go? When? Who Knows…

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This is such a question.

But one thing we know for sure….

…it’s gonna rain heavy.

Hopefully it stays down in the FL Keys.

Curves up through the Bahamas

And doesn’t rain on the party in Miami.

There’s also a Barbie birthday party for Olivia.

Dinner party for end of Chanukah with Chana and Esther.

Trip to Ulta with my daughter Shayna.

No sunrise cruise on son’s boat this trip.

Sightseeing with my youngest is best with clear weather.

But will find lots of places to hang in Wynwood.

Florida is a peninusular 

Dips down into the Tropics

You can get rain even in the dry season.

This year’s extreme rain totals in South Florida were boosted by the two over the top rain events including over 20 inches in April and then again that No Name Storm that everyone will remember even if the NHC doesn’t upgrade it after the season is over when reviewing the hurricane season’s systems. In Miami it’s been elevated to near Hurricane fame status, not quite Andrew but maybe a mix of Floyd and Irene and if you are from there you know what I mean. Not the big bad Floyd but the one that rode up the Florida Keys in 1987 in October. 

Irene 1999

Miami areas got a good 15 inches from Irene.

But the good news is….

… we aren’t expecting malaria.

In 1890s ppl used cisterns to collect water.

Rain water vs running water.

Cisterns collected mosquitoes also.

That led to bouts with malaria.

Ancestors had 105 fever for 4 days.

How they lived through that I don’t know.

But they did.

It’s in the medical record books.

So…. today when it rains.

It’s just rain… some flooding.

And then the sun comes out…

We have made some progress!

In Charlotte Jack Frost made an appearance.

It makes me feel like we will get snow this winter.

Snow dreams never die…..

Stay tuned on that system.

You never know til you know.

Those are the tracks possible.

Florida in the crosshairs.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter

I can’t really complain I had a great party in Charlotte where Nissim Black performed for Chabad here at a Chanukah party, as usual the kids gravitate towards the stage when he’s singing but this time the stage was filled with kids singing and dancing with him. He was born in Seattle, he took a long winding road in his life to Orthodox Judiasm (including a grandfather that was Muslim) he now lives in Israel but is in the USA for his Bright Lights Tour that he does Chanukah time and usually my kids go to his concerts in Miami or NY but he went to the town where his grandmother was from Charlotte North Carolina and my husband surprised me with tickets and this little Carolina vacation before going down to see our kids in Florida. Was like one big Pep Rally and I danced for 2 hours straight!! And, I am loving being in the South Park area here with a real Mall (5 or 6 anchor department stores) and things to do, places to go and not in Raleigh which is nice but boring compared to Charlotte!

Love this song … kids had a blast at the concert.

Official video below.




I really, really needed it!!

You can look him up on YouTube

He tells the journey of his life.

We all do… 

…I’ve had a few.

On one now.

Much love… Bobbi

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2023-12-12 14:56:00

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