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Question about the atmospheric flow equations : meteorology

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Below is an image of the atmospheric flow equations (from Andrews).

Could someone please explain the first 3 in words for me? For the first equation: The first term is the material derivative of the zonal wind (so the rate of change of the zonal wind speed following a blob of air), the third term is the rate that atmospheric pressure changes with x direction divided by atmospheric density, and the 2nd term is the Coriolis force multiplied by the meridional wind. All of this is balanced by the force of atmospheric friction in the x direction.

So, I more or less understand what each individual term is, but I don’t understand conceptually how they add up to the frictional force in the x-direction. Could someone explain to me (without math) just some of the physical background of these equations, what exactly they say and how they work? Thanks! (in particular the coriolis force multiplied by the other wind direction is confusing to me)

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2022-04-14 20:15:37

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