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Precipitation, water balance and a question of terminology : meteorology

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According to Allabys (2007) Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate as well as wikipedia the water balance is the sum of precipitation, evotranspiration, streamflow and storage.

As I understand AMSs definition here dew, frost, fog is not considered precipitation, which would make the balance wrong. As far as I saw in papers dew etc. is subsumed under the term non-rainfall water input. If one wants to maintain this distinction, what term is used for all water input from the atmosphere to get a correct water balance? “Atmospheric water input” doesn’t seem to be used according to google scholar. Should one just add a NRWI term?

Also, Allaby considers dew etc. to be precipitation, and in german Niederschlag includes dew as well.

I’m not a student of meteorology, but biotechnology and im currently building a datalogger to keep track of various environmental stats at places where bryophytes grow to maybe correlate them to their reproductive behavior. The distinction into precipitation and NRWI seems somewhat useful to me because rain can be measured with a tipping bucket rain gauge and NRWI somewhat with a micro lysimeter.


2022-09-14 15:54:15

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