February 9, 2023

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Orange 40% for LEAD Wave…Models Sniffing Fiona in the Wings… EURO Acting Like The GFS and GFS Acting like the EURO (Mercury Retrograde? Who Knows?) Watch in Real Time!

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There are 3 systems to talk about…

..I will discuss them in depth later today.

This morning we are focusing on the lead wave..

..not at 40% Orange.

NHC has the lead wave up to 40% in the 5 Day.

A healthy, fast moving organge circle.

Fast moving aka “timing” is a question here.

There are a lot of questions.

Models below are FAR out…

…super unreliable always.

Especially this year.

Below is September 22nd…

The EURO shows a developing storm.

Not a monstor but name worthy.

Up and over the Islands.

The GFS shows a murky mess of moisture…

There’s something there but what exactly?

Same time frame as the stronger EURO model.

The Icon does not go as far out in time.

But it shows something.

Mike (Spaghetti Models) likes Icon this year.

So including it as it has done well.

Then again it’s not looking 10 days out..

Let’s keep things in perspective.

I’ll update later today.

For now know the models are sniffing Fiona …

…and some models sniffing Gaston.

Are they reliable?


Time will tell.

I’ll update later today.

Check back later….


Ps… too early to think of a song, will add it in this afternoon!

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