April 23, 2021

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Now a Serious Flooding Threat in Central Puget Sound

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 The intense front has bogged down over central Puget Sound and very heavy rain is causing serious flooding.  

The latest one-hour radar-based precipitation estimate (ending 3:11 PM) shows 3/4 inches in that period/

The National Weather Service has a flood warning out now for central Puget Sound.  A number of roads are flooding, particularly at dips and valleys.

Be careful not to drive through deep water.

This reminds me a bit of the 2006 event that led to the tragic death of a woman in the Madison Valley in her basement.  After that event, Seattle supported the development of a protective system:  RainWatch–the brought together radar and rain gauge information, plus the best model forecasts.   Unfortunately, the city decided to defund RainWatch, so the warnings it would have provided of this event are not available to city managers.

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