February 28, 2021

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New Podcast on Season’s Coldest Air, the Potential for Snow, and the Truth About the Pacific Data Void

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My new podcast is online.   In it, Ialk about the weekend forecast and the arrival of cold, Arctic air over the region.  And yes, evaluate whether snow is in the cards.  I also answer a frequently asked question:  is there a weather data void over the Pacific and does it degrade Northwest weather forecasts? 

The answer may surprise.

The latest NOAA/National Weather Service GEFS ensemble forecast (running the model many times to get at uncertainty) suggests a profound future cool-down  for Seattle (see below).  You can see the individual forecasts (gray lines) and the average of all them (black line).   Highs only in the 30s!  You will also note that uncertainty increases with time, with the forecasts starting to diverge by mid-week.

So be prepared for MUCH cooler temperatures.

Snow?   Some, but not all, of the model forecasts are bringing snow to Seattle, starting on Monday.  Lots of uncertainty.  I will update on Sunday.

Here is my podcast:

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