March 6, 2021

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Mild and Drizzly Today | Forecasterjack

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Hello everyone!

Today will feature mild weather and somewhat widespread drizzle/light rain as last night’s storm moves off to the northeast and we wait for colder air to arrive from Ontario. Temps this morning are generally in the mid to upper 30s as cold air damming remains locked in place. This means that there’s a shallow layer of cold air right at the surface below much warmer air aloft. As the cold front moves through this afternoon, it will stir our atmospheric pot a bit which means that the thin layer of cold will get “mixed out” and temps will jump sharply. Where this occurs during the afternoon together with some patchy sunshine and downsloping westerly winds (southern/western NH), temps could get really toasty (mid 50s). Where this occurs after sunset (most of Maine), temps won’t really jump up that much before cooling due to the arrival of our new airmass. So highs in most of Maine won’t be far from where temps are now: in the mid to upper 30s.

Drizzle will be most widespread along the Maine coast and adjacent parts of the foothills. That drizzle will come along with a fair bit of fog too, especially this morning. So while above-freezing temperatures mean that outside of the really sheltered mountain valleys, there won’t be any travel concerns today, it’s not exactly going to be picture-perfect for outdoor activities.


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