November 27, 2022

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Mid November. Bucket of Mixed Weather. Snow. Thunder. Rain. Fall Leaves Falling Away As We Dive Towards December.

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November 15th

The big news in the “tropics” today would be the wicked weather moving along at the bottom of the frontal boundary towards Florida.  When warm moist weather collides with colder, dry weather meteorological fireworks often happen so if you live in this area …pay close attention. And, I’d say that’s anywhere that front is kicking up possible action. 

This is not tropical weather…

..but weather we perceive is in the tropics.

GOM is tropical…right?

Short blog today.

I’ll be on the road.

And, there will be weather…

Snow as creeped into the Carolinas.

Way up in the mountains.

We get rain in the Piedmont.

November 15th

Mid Nov.


North Florida has Rain.

Possibly Severe Weather.

Never stop chasing weather.

Love what you do.

Be kind.

My thoughts for the day.

No not leaving the Carolinas, have things to do this week and next though at some point I need to get down to Florida. My favorite winter shoes are there in the back of my daughter’s closet. Don’t ask, long story.  Enjoy what is left of Fall because with every front that flies through takes more leaves off of the trees and pretty soon it’ll be a winter landscape waiting on winter weather. Yes, I love winter weather. It’s a new found passion I always knew would fit if I lived Up North again (it’s capitalized) and yes I’m living in the South (also capitalized) but to a girl from the Deep South … well it’s called NORTH Carolina for a reason. 

Way too much rambling. Gotta pack fast, gotta get going. 

November 15th… such a point in time. Apex of November and after that we slide on down to December in my  mind. 

Love ya all.

Thanks for reading and discussing weather on Twitter with me.

If I see any good weather I’ll be tweeting on Twitter.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter usually weather and Instagram whatever.

Enjoy the music.

Watch the weather…. (BobbiStorm)

2022-11-15 13:10:00

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