April 14, 2021

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Meteorological measurement equipment? : meteorology

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Hi all,

Sorry if this isnt the right place for this question, please direct me to a more appropriate place if it exists. Its a bit on the technology/equipment side of things.

In Italy, on top of a mountain by a ski resort is a tower with a lot of microwave antenna on it. Most of them look fairly typical for what I would see as someone that works in telecommunications. Stuff for radio, TV, mobile, 2 way radio, data networks, etc.

But there are a few antennas that are quite litterally just pointing at the sky, and Im trying to figure out what they are being used for, see the base of the tower here:


When I first saw these in a photo posted by a friend, I figured “they are probably ptp microwave pointing at a tower/passive repeater on a higher mountain nearby” as thats a fairly typical thing to do in these moutainous regions, but looking around on google maps there just arent any mountains high enough for that to be the answer.

So my next thought was that they might be satellite dishes, but “they dont look like typical satellite dishes” to me. There are sattelite dishes on another tower nearby which look much more typical, but that is not to say these arent.

I then noticed on google maps it mentions “stazione meteorologica”, so I am starting to wonder if these might be part of some kind of radar system or something for atmospheric measurements, or …?

Is there anyone here familiar enough with the backend of meteorological technology that might know what these might possibly be used for, if anything at all to do with meteorology?



2021-03-30 18:13:26

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