January 26, 2021

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Lidia Cucurull participates as invited speaker at the 5th International Conference on GPS Radio Occultation – Hurricane Research Division

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Lidia Cucurull was invited to speak at the 5th International Conference on GPS Radio Occultation, held virtually, but hosted from Hsinchu, Taiwan. Her presentation, An overview of 17 years of Radio Occultation development and assessment at NOAA, an overview of the Radio Occultation (RO) assimilation strategies at NOAA during the last 17 years, including past, present and potential impacts in numerical weather prediction. Radio occultation data are now a key component of the global observing system. The talk concerned updates to recent procedures to assimilate the data into the models, especially in tropical regions due to the new Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate-2 (COSMIC-2) satellites, and results from Observing System Simulation Experiments using simulated data from this system and a proposed polar constellation.

You can see the talk at ftp://ftp.aoml.noaa.gov/pub/hrd/blog/seminars/2020/Cucurull_ICGPSRO_10-2020.pdf.

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