December 6, 2022

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It’s AUGUST! Still Nothing From NHC But Signs That Tropics Will Heat Up Soon! A Look Back at 1998, Came Alive in August!

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You know how I love purple splotches.

It’s a first step in places to look for possibilities.

A yellow splotch of a different kind.

Again shows some positive signs.

A Tropical Wave worth watching.

Would not bet the farm…

…but a bit of entertainment!

One wave exited Africa being watched…

…another has it’s eyes on a future.

One wave, one way or the other.

Will develop this August!

It’s just a matter of time.


Fairly busy season.

B storm formed in August.

Followed fast by Charley and Daniell.

Hmnn…..Maybe it’s the list here that’s the problem.

That’s Sharon on the left.

Her dance friend from Israeli Dance…

…at a Dr. Who Convention 🙂

Having fun!

Looking good!

I want to thank you all for your patience, those of you who read my blog regularly, my best friend “like a sister” passed away earlier in the week and she was buried today. I watched on Zoom. I wrote something for the service that took place in Israel on the Mount of Olives. No, she’s wasn’t born there nor did she live there but she had traveled there often and she wanted to spend more time there, but Covid came along and she stayed here working. She worked til about 2 weeks before she died of Cancer surrounded by her kids and after seeing a few of her closet friends and a brother from Maine. 

I can really only celebrate her life and give thanks for our many long, long discussions on weather, hurricanes, football, life, our kids and those we loved. I looked through old discussions on Facebook in Messenger today and some WhatsApp messages and I smiled, laughed and peppered in with thoughts on the kids, life and football there were her thoughts on weather, the forecast (forecasts that were messed up badly and those that verified) and we were always running to Publix to shop or to the beach to watch the waves or to follow some wild line of storms which in South Florida is fairly easy to do any day from May through September. She was a good mother, a great friend and she’ll be missed. But tonight I only want to give thanks for our 35 years together as best friends, more like a sister. Neither of us had a sister so it was as close as we got… 

Hopefully I’ll get back into the routine. Maybe I’ll remember to take my vitamins tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do some reseach on long range models. Maybe I’ll move slowly one step at a time back into life.

At some point I should be in Florida this month but waiting on a baby to be born and figuring out what I want to do and when. 

She had a good life, way longer than my best friend ever who died before she turned 24 years old, she died from Hodgkins Disease. So, really though they both lived lives well lived filled with hobbies, super smart and fun to be with Sharon out lived Linda by many years so personally right now I’m trying to mourn with happiness for a life well lived. 

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever…

One of her favorite songs, one that James Taylor didn’t sing. 

Well, maybe he did but it wouldn’t sound the same, that’s for sure! (BobbiStorm)

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