April 17, 2021

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Is he right about the situation? Is that Texas frost #2 incoming? : meteorology

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Check out the forecast:


What are we looking at, exactly? See how there’s clearly 2 “currents” one meandering in the north (around Canada), the other approx. around the latitude of Florida? Yeah, that’s not normal. The northern polar jet stream typically forms a West to East, relatively tight, single “current”.

This should, in a sane, and rational society, be front page news. The lows that are forming, are slow, and persistent. Stationary lows swirl around the Northeastern US for a week. The forecast calls for (this can change, it’s still a week away) a single low pressure system, meander from the Midwest, towards the Northeast, for an entire week. That’s not fucking normal. That’s basically like a new climate, sort of a like a mini monsoon (I don’t honestly know – it’s so odd to see a single low just twirl around North America for a week).

the Jetstream is literally splitting in half, and swirling around the continent.

Honestly I don’t know who else to share this with – definitely not even going to make a single headline, I try to tell my co workers, they’ll call me an alarmist, and if I keep it to myself, I’ll get extremely depressed. So here it is, “enjoy” the weather next week.

Disclaimer: Not a meteorologist, feel free to correct me. This is a forecast, it can change. The fact that systems like this can form in the first place indicate a new climate.

ELI5: “Should” be a single, wavy line – going from (approximately) Oregon to New York and across the Atlantic ocean, for simplicity. Example of a “normal” pattern.


2021-04-05 06:31:39

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