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Invest 95L to be Hurricane Lee. Where Does It Go?

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As the song goes…

…when the sun comes up.

100% chances…any time now.

It’s just a matter of time.

Official Cone from NHC


TD or Lee… 

…does it matter.

It begins.


You can draw the Cone yourself!

There’s so much talk online.

WhatsApp groups are alive with chatter.

In truth when you see modes do this…

It does get the mind racing. Monday…GFS

EURO same day Monday 

That does get the heart racing ….


Real Hurricanes make people’s heart spin!

Further down the road. Thursday 

Flirting hard with Bermuda!


Previously ensembles were E of Bermuda

Now they are W of Bermuda

Subtle changes, extrapolated over time.

Change much down the road.

Enjoy the beauty of Lee out in ATL

Wait before deciding if it’s Fish or Foe?

Or where it goes…. 

What is called Wishcasting cuts both ways. Some are wishing it in and others are wishing it away. People woke up this morning and depending on what city they live in they are sure it’s “their storm” and once in a while you get what you wish for….     careful what you wish for as we say!

So where does Lee go? In the short term, reliable term for modeling it moves West towards the Islands, probably missing the Islands though they may feel it’s wrath in High Surf and surfers are on their way! Could they feel more? Truth? Anything is possible, though a curve or a clip is most likely. I imagine early Cones will err on the side of safety with a wide Cone at the end, narrow cone in the short term. We flirt with nailing the 7 day down, but we aren’t really there yet. I’m more a 5 day girl, though I will peek for snow in the 15 day once Winter rolls in.

Bottom Line is basic:

You’re supposed to be ready, prepared and you have a plan. 

This deep into Hurricane Season ppl in Mid Atlantic wishing on snow already.

People in Florida watch the tropics til October as one will usher in lower temps maybe.

Stay tuned… we’ve only just begun.

Besos BobbiStorm 

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

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2023-09-05 12:00:00

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