July 21, 2024

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Influencer Culture is Destroying the Field of Meteorology

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Influencer Culture is Destroying the Field of Meteorology

Beryl is expected to make landfall in TX as a weak hurricane and yet many of the biggest names in amateur meteorology are engaging in wild hyperbole and fear mongering for clicks. Twitter and YouTube have been positively overrun with nonsense calling Beryl a "MEGA DISASTER" and other sensationalist nonsense.

According to NHC forecasts, Beryl will likely make landfall in a sparsely populated part of TX as a Cat 1 storm, MAYBE a Cat 2 if conditions are just right.

This clickbait and fear mongering are diluting the messaging that official outlets are putting out and causing people to tune out what is rapidly becoming a three ring circus of attention-seeking narcissists who don't care about facts or giving people accurate information.

Please stop following these people if they are engaging in this behavior, and stop giving them money. They are ruining meteorology for everyone and will be responsible for many deaths in the form of unheeded warnings in the years to come if they continue to be given a platform.

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2024-07-05 17:54:56

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