March 20, 2023

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IAN Moving NE.. Tornado Warnings Across FL MIAMI FLL KEYS SW FLORIDA ..OUT AHEAD OF THE EYE. Stay ALERT Tonight!

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My blog tonight is about the weather currently.

Tornado Warnings Across Florida allevening.

Far from the EYE of Ian.

Dangerous life threatening weather is happening NOW!

These bands swirling around the eye, training in (meaning new cells form and trace the same path of the previous cell) all evening in Southeast Florida and then moving up the Florida East Coast. Note the reddish color in those bands shows the intensity and tornadoes spin up. I have kids who live in Hollywood Florida they can confirm there is debris across may road ways and not just palm fronds. They saw trees down, debris signs of a probable tornado that has been reported touching down by trained spotters. Myconcern is people running around nervously tonight to get last minute supplies and they run into debris in the road or someone running into them. People get nervous after a day of nonstop weather and are distracted so you can be a good driver but the person who hits you is not as good. Drive carefully if you must go out. If you have an active tornado warning take the proper precautions. It’s sadly common to have people die during a hurricane, before the hurricane from dangerous weather in distant bands in an area you felt “safe” because you are not in the cone the the severe weather and tornadoes are outside the cone. And, with this set up of Major Hurricane now moving NE into the front everything changes fast in real time. 

This is the cone to pay attn to…

Wind warnings.

This is not just about the EYE.

The “CONE” is about the EYE

All of the WEATHER is now funneling NE

Towards areas outside the Cone.

IAN at 8 PM is moving NE

You can see my concern.

Bright pinks far to ENE of IAN

Miami FLL WPB UP the coast as it moves.

So yes prepare for the eye of Ian.

If you live in a low lying area…

..hoping you evacuated.

I have many friends in SW Florida.

But tonight the energy of Ian

Will surprise people who felt “safe” …

…far from the Cone.


Florida Keys

SE Florida

ALL under the gun tonight from IAN

due to severe weather and tornadoes.

I’ll update after the 11 PM

More to come.


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram (BobbiStorm)

2022-09-28 00:54:00

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