June 21, 2021

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Disclaimer:  This site is not affiliated with the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Hunters, Storm Prediction Center, or National Weather Service.  ALL forecasts herein are the result of my analysis, and I am solely responsible for the content.  As ALWAYS, follow the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, and your local Emergency Management officials for emergency decisions.  In addition, this is strictly a FORECAST OFFICE.  I CANNOT make decisions regarding travel plans, etc.  My purpose, is to provide you the information, based solely on information I analyze, and the accuracy of the information at hand of the time of analysis, so you may make informed decisions.
(T. F. “Storm” Walsh)

For those who have donated to my site, your help has been greatly appreciated.  If you are not aware, donations to my site help pay for subscriptions to sites I use, which provide all the models and information used in my forecasts.  Without these sites, I’m pretty much left in the dark.  The F5 Data maps I post as well for severe weather, is another out of pocket expense (monthly subscription).  Updates to software (weather related), are also out of pocket to me. Please keep in mind, even when the hurricane season ends, I have to keep up on these site subscriptions for severe weather and winter weather. To donate, please click the DONATE button to the right side of the page.  Any help you provide is immensely appreciated!  Without your help, I may not be able to continue paying the monthly subscription charges for access to all of the information I use in my forecasts.

Good evening to everyone!
Please be aware, even though I do not post every night, rest assured I am continuously monitoring various areas for any significant weather.  I will be taking Sundays off (family time), unless we have active systems that may be posing a threat (i.e. Tropical, Severe Weather, Coastal Storms, etc.).  The next low pressure system which may be of interest, does not begin to develop for the next 3 – 4 days along the Gulf coast, then may become a coastal / offshore storm.  So, this update will be om hurricanes.  I know it’s early, however it is good to get the information early, and prepare ahead of time.

I conducted a poll, in 4 of the weather groups I post in on Facebook.  The poll basically asked: “Since 2021 has arrived, would you like to continue with winter weather updates, or hurricane preparedness and education information”?  Long story short, folks would like both.  So, during the week, time permitting, I will be updating on developing lows and the winter impact they may induce.  On the weekend, I will be posting hurricane education information.  Based on this, here is the first in a series of hurricane “tutorials” if you will.

I wanted to post videos on hurricane development, however the ones I researched, each had some type of discrepancy regarding info on Sea Surface Temperatures, wind speed at which a storm becomes a hurricane, Saffir Simpson scale, etc.

The following graphic is linked to a text tutorial of the basics of hurricane formation.  A little lengthy, however it contains various topics for you to click on in the left hand column.  When you mouse over a topic, the link will change to white.

The following video from NASA explains the formation of Hot Towers, and their effect on hurricanes:

My next tutorial will focus on hurricane preparedness.  I will be researching to see if I can locate any updated hurricane preparedness brochures as the current one I use in my posts, has some outdated information.  Thereafter, we can shift focus to topics such as rapid intensification, storm surge, etc.  IF you have anything else you may wish to see posted on hurricanes, please leave a reply on the site, or you can email me a topic you would like to know about regarding hurricanes.  I don’t know “everything”, but will try my best to provide you the information.

You may direct any questions by contacting me personally, ANYTIME, at: twalsh22000@yahoo.com

Have a blessed evening!

GMCS, USCG (ret)



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