June 19, 2024

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Hurricane Harbor: Total Eclipse Over USA Today

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The subject of the day is The Eclipse that crosses theUSA, totality going from Texas to Niagra Falls. Remember there is an eclipse path that crosses most of the East Coast in varying stages but not everyone gets totality!  This image is supposed to be 2017 but who knows, they mostly look the same. Lunar Eclipses often are colored differently and sometimes in Miami we get a Red Lunar Eclipse due to Saharan Dust in the atmosphere. So let’s look at these eclipses and past hurricane seasons. Many people ask if there is some correlation and I think that often is in the eye of the beholder, some dots that connect and others do not. I’m just going to show a few and let you think on it a bit as Hurricane History is my specialty; my passion and where my mind always goes when something unusual happens!

This is the area of totality! Total Eclipse Path.

This is from a site in Indiana. Link at bottom.

Fairly well covers the details.

Eclipse and OMG a Comet too!

So today’s eclipse tracks, in it’s entirety, across the Eastern Pacific, ALL of the USA gets some and all of the Caribbean and most of the Western and North Atlantic.  Obviously Texas gets this eclipse in full force, as does the New Madrid Fault Line (home of the Big Daddy of US Earthquakes) and tracks across Washington DC, New York City, Boston and hits all the popular ports of call …including Baltimore still a bit dead in the water waiting to get rid of that ship that took out that bridge.

No I’m not alluding this to the Eclipse, I’m just saying it’s a thing going on as we all get ready to party hardy or hide in our caves from the Solar Eclipse. I’m staying in Raleigh. One of my best friends is due in soon so that’s kind of cool and love talking eclipses and other things with him so looking forward to that. And, it’ll look “different” though not really dark and I’m fine with that. As I said in a previous blog I have seen a total eclipse and many partial ones, if the Northern Lights were for sure going to show up over Tennessee or Virginia tonight I’d definitely chase that! 

So let’s take a look back at the last few solar eclipses in this particular cycle known as Saros 139. Eclipse cycles repeat over time and I’m only going to go back to the 1930s, though it’s worth remembering there was one in 1861 over the East Coast and the Atlantic. The 2017 eclipse over the USA was not part of this cycle but Saros 145, you can Google all this if you are really interested; astronomers and astrologers pay much attention to these cycles as well as historians looking for some tidbit that explains something about what may or may not have happened in the following year or two. It’s been pointed out often online that the 2017 eclipse was before the very strong, deadly Atlantic Hurricane Season that brought us Harvey, Maria, Irma and many other hurricanes.


1952 Hurricane Season – Weak El Nino

Happening in the world from Google.

I did check the Pacific. It was busy. Always busy…

1970 Eclipse!


A very similar track to this one.

A bit further to the East over the USA

Covered the Caribbean

1970 Hurricane Season – Moderate La Nina

Famous for Hurricane Alma in May

Celia in Texas…. 

It was quiet for a while and then busy.

From Wikipedia…oh look Vietnam War

Also campus unrest across the US

Adding in some more as some of us remember vaguely..

3/29/2006 Eclipse

E ATL, Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia

2006 Hurricane Season – Weak El Nino

Dubai, Belarus

Let’s look at the Oscars for fun!

On a personal note….

Shortly after the eclipse I began looking into other jobs, even though I had a job I loved near where I lived it had few benefits and I was at a point where I had to think “what’s in this for me” and did I really want to make a big change in my life. A few months later, after all the various interviews and rigamarole that goes with Academia I left the cute City Library and took a job with Touro College on Miami Beach a fairly long commute but it took me back “home” to Miami Beach where I lived a long time and it had easy access to the ocean 2 blocks away and I was able to hang out at the beach while any storm named or otherwise was nearby or approaching 🙂 and Cuban Coffee on Lincoln Road and Victoria’s Secrets on Lincoln Road and the College had security at the front desk so not anyone could just walk in or park their huge boat out in front of it thus blocking the entrance the way the ship in Balitmore is doing today. It was a good move, lots of benefits, paid tutiion for whichever kids were old enough to go to college there and at the same time I moved from one house to another nearby. These were huge decisions based on practicality, moving on and I didn’t have to worry someone would send an elephant or boxes of packages to the old house where things often got stranger than the library. 

Seriously it was a very big year for me, and no the eclipse did not go over either of my houses or job locations, but changes were made and they led to other changes down the road and here I am in Raleigh. Maybe those changes were connected to the Eclipse and maybe not in any way were they connected. Everything in life is timing…

Soooooooooooo I ask you……..

What changes do you want in your life today?

What changes would you make even if they were a huge upheaval?

I gave up a sure thing for a new college location that may not even make it past the first year!

Back up plan was I’d move to NY and get a job in Touro NY if I wanted to make that move.



What do you want to do in 2024?

Let’s look at today’s eclipse.

2024 Eclipse Today.

E PAC, Mexico, Central America

America, Canada, ATL

2006 Hurricane Season


CSU Forecast

Busy Season expected… 

La Nina? Neutral-La Nina?


Time will tell …….

Site below I used for today’s El Nino discussion!


Storms over East Texas!!

Will Texas …Houston get a hurricane this year?

How bout Louisiana? Also has storms…

Cloud forecast for today.

Euro Windy.

time will tell…..



Thanks for anyone here who spent the time to read my “off season” blog when I talk on things not always connected to eye walls and cones or even ice cream cones!  A lot on my mind today and at the same time trying to go with the flow and enjoy whatever happens. 

Soon we will get deep into Hurricane Season discussion but we are not there yet, and the various factors that will or won’t happen over the next 6 weeks will dictate what type of hurricane season we will have vs a forecast that might not verify in ways. 

If we continue having frontal boundaries moving down far enough it is possible we could have something form down in the Caribbean near the Yucatan and work it’s way North IF all the various elements work out and come together properly. But the long, lingering frontal boundary in the GOM or off the East Coast of Florida can and often does set us up for a May named storm.  Let’s look at Alma lastly and while it’s often mentioned there are few that did what Alma did …

May 18th, 1970.

I remember it as the Hurricane that got away.

I was young, tracking.

Looked to come to S FL

But alas it went to West Florida.

We got some rain…. no eye.

The mind of a Hurricane Person 😉

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Thanks for reading along if you did.

I needed to write and I did.


Some songs for the eclipse

I knew a boy that loved the Monkees…

…he was young.

He’s still young at heart and in most ways.

Great song 🙂


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