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Hurricane Harbor: Low Possibilities Yellow in GOM

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Yesterday’s purple splotch I blogged on is Yellow!

NHC gives it a generous 10%

Waiting to see what it might do.

As I said last night.

2 areas to watch in tropics.

Never forget the GOM when fronts are in play.

And the water is hot.

And with a huge High in charge.

If something forms it moves West…

..slides along the coastal GOM towns.

Really watching the GOM has been fun this week, it’s been like watching a Lava Lamp that meets an Etch a Sketch, seriously. But with a High near by, a huge cold front pushing down towards Georgia there’s a lot going on a SPIN is easy to SPIN up QUICKLY before disapeering. Could Danielle form from that? Maybe, possible…. we will see. Link the image above in motion is below!

Different satellites show us different things.

We put them all together ….

…and we have a new, fresh yellow circle.

Basically stay tune.

We will watch the area….

…watch the next model run.

Watch in real time.

Kind of old school.

Typical I think for this old school Hurricane Season.


NAM above… 

HRRR below….

Short term models we watch at times like this.

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps… not implying it’s going to Galveston.

It’s going in that general direction… 

..and it’s a great classic song.

Check out the short blog I wrote last night……

…about just this area before purple turned to yellow! (BobbiStorm)

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