June 21, 2024

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Hurricane Harbor: Home Miami – No Rain – Fronts Still Doing Their Thing

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Fronts still holding control over the SE

Florida… dipping down, down into Carib

There’s showers down near Cuba and in the Bahamas.

Light clouds in Miami…. 

Miami Moments this morning.

Sitting in my kid’s apartment in Miami near the Bay watching clouds and palm trees sway and feeling the breeze, gentle but constant in the way Miami gets the breeze from the bay all day long, but you only feel it if you live or work near the bay. There’s a pool downstairs and there’s one older man swimming back and forth from one edge to the other as if he is preparing for the Olympics. Is he on vacation and just doing his daily work out or maybe I’m judging him too much and he’s doing swim therapy for some injury? Quiet morning in Miami, with the sounds of planes overhead flying out of MIA, ships coming and going in the Bay and the nonstop sound of construction like some loud saw sawing endlessly the way the wind blows before a hurricane makes landfall. 

Will they ever stop building a New Miami?

And, yet one lone guy in a kayak is paddling his way thru Biscayne Bay near the Port near the huge cargo ship with containers packed so high it looks like a condo on a platform in the bay. He’s out there enjoying his kayaking thru Biscayne Bay probably lost in the natual splendor ignoring the endless construction noises and the huge cranes lining the sky.

Isn’t Google amazing… it’s always listening or someone has stollen my laptop’s mind and is feeding me music from the past. I’m listening to Willie Nelson and all of a sudden some folk song that sounds vaguely familiar is playing somewhere here in the room. I look through my screens and somehow Willie and Jimmy Buffett transformed into a trip back to the Flick that was a Coffeehouse near the Univesity of Miami not far from where my kids and I went for breakfast this morning. Coral Bagels, a cute local almost embarassing restaurant that sells the South Florida Trilogy of Cuisine… Jewish, Cuban and Southern Specialties in any order randonly. I’m Southern Jewish and have lived in Cuban parts of town so long I sometmes forget I am not Cuban. 

You can have your Eggs Benedict over your choice of English Muffins, Bagels or Cuban Bread. 

South Florida Cuisine at it’s finest.

I sipped coffee on my diet carefully, good Miami American Coffee that is almost as strong as Cuban Coffee. Later, I got a cortadito from the little bodega downstairs and sipped it watching the boats coming and going while watching that older guy in good shape swimming in the pool as I said. A moment in time, caught in my memory with a jazzy tune playing somewhere else on another balcony… possibly a Louis Armstrong song but hard to be sure as the construction noise chased me inside. So I’m in my son’s room which is filled with travel momentos, architectural books, music posters, family photos and a very large window that looks out on the bay without the noise of the city that is constanting going through growing pains. 

I’m home. The tropics are not busy yet and the Moonsoons have not begun yet. Next trip to Miami in a month or so I’ll be back, timed to arrive in mid afternoon with towering thunderstorms hovering over the city like the end of the world is about to happen any rainy moment.

On this day in history….

…the Great Miami May Tornado in 1997!

Wild picture.

Crazy year!
I remember the day well….

Yes, in a mood to write.

The walls of the restaurant were covered in old Miami Memorabila (why my son chose that place) from old time pics to Coconut Grove Art Festival Vintage Posters to a few hurricanes thrown in for good measure. Local place, cops having coffee, construction workers, business meetings and good coffee. Sports and The Weather Channel are constantly playing silently on the TVs on the wall. 

Coral Bagels interior seen above.

On Twitter we are watching and waiting.

No real weather today …. tropical wise to speak on just yet. Elements are getting in place, but the atmosphere isn’t there yet and the shear is too strong.

Yes, this laptop is possessed as it’s playing a few songs I don’t listen to as they make me remember too much.

Whatever, going to just sit here watch the boats and enjoy the music. I do love this song. Thanks for joining me this day on May12, 2023 while I’m in Miami musing about life and the tropics.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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Twitter mostly weather, Instagam whatever…

Love this scene… Miami causeways at night.

Not proofing as I’m on vacation 😉

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