July 21, 2024

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Hurricane Harbor: Does Beryl Sing Hello Texas? Or Tex Mex Border? Yucatan First… Then ?? Beryl Been a Rule Breaker… Will She Keep Breaking Rules? Take Her VERY Seriously

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Euro on top, GFS on bottom…

While a good part of the USA has been hit by a heat wave and a drought, a drought buster often brings with it the danger of flooding. And, many an epic hurricane that traversed the Atlantic ends up far to the North inland over the USA (and even Canada) dumping copious amounts of rain on dry parched ground unable to absorb the sudden gush of tropical precipitation as the hurricane rains itself out. So as much as I worry on South Texas and currently very partial to South Padre as my daughter has friends there who are good people… worried on inland impacts. Camille caused inland flooding and as it exited in Virginia caused quite the mess far from the Gulf of Mexico. We can never forget what happened in NJ/NY way after Ida made landfall in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Rain Footprine from Camille and Alica.

It’s something to think on… 

…especially as we’ve had flooding this year.

84 degrees near Tex/Mex coast.

If Beryl gets over it…

..it’ll find a way to intensify.
It’s one thing Beryl knows how to do..

Again, she’s a rule breaker!

Things to look for:

Does Beryl slow down?

Speed has been her friend …. 

If Beryl slows down where does she slow down?

Does she hover over an area in the GOM or Yucatan Channel with hot water?

Watch the Upper Level Low … it tried to knock it down yesterday but ended up partially helping it.

IF Beryl holds on to it’s core and is able to maintain it… watch out. 

And, I would not bet against Beryl persisting.

From my posts on X aka Twitter …words matter but so do the pictures.

And still Beryl persists… doing what she does best… persisting, regrouping. Hanging in there.. For Beryl to get to Carriacou she persisted stubbornly as a strong African Tropical Wave in June across a sea of SAL to make it to Grenada, Jamaica taking on towns in the Yucatan.

We know Beryl’s past leaving littered pieces of people’s lives
laying on the ground like forgotten lego in an array of headlines. Texas watches a bit worried at the NHC cone. Mexico knows, they’re preparing … July 4th 2024 Hurricane Season

And, that’s the truth. Littered pieces of people’s lives tossed about like forgotten Lego wherever she has gone and I doubt she’s gonna just stop now and give up. 

I’ll update with the 11 AM Cone and any basic new info from NHC. Today, as has been every day this week, is a day to watch Beryl and see what she does, how she responds to sheer and if she can wrap herself up again not as she was but with a newer improved appearance. Note when you have a hurricane that’s come this long, it’s been pushing water a long the way. And, while the front is laggy and looks like it’s waiting for something to come along… it can be a real rain producer inland, too much all at once time.

Current NOAA map for Monday.

It’d be surprising if Beryl didn’t surprise us.

So stay tuned.

Heard South Padre Island has voluntary evacuations.

More to come…

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