March 7, 2021

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Hurricane Harbor: 70 MPH Tropical Storm Zeta

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10 AM 

1st Landfall for Zeta

A Tale of 2 Landfalls. 

Can I get a hurricane watch there?

2nd Landfall….

…. most popular location of 2020

Actually it’s a 2 fer if this happens.

Louisiana and then Mississippi.

But cones can change in real time.

Models in the middle…. 

….note the track over the Mid Atlantic..

It’s not just about the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s being sheared.

So that center area that wants to pop an eye.

Is on the top of the system.

The  moisture being sheared South for now.

Everything changes in real time in October.

NW side of this image is WINTER STORM.

SE side of this image is ZETA

This is really a tale of two storms. In that I mean what it is now down in the Caribbean as it pulls together and tries to attain hurricane intensity as it aims towards the Yucatan again… and they have already been hit more than once this year and then it moves on more rapidly up towards the Gulf of Mexico where it cruises towards a second landfall along the coast as a front comes sweeping down the plains dropping freezing rain, ice and snow in various places as it tries to scoop up even more tropical energy via Zeta and then it barrels into the Middle part of the country.  The second storm is what becomes of the tropical energy mixed in with the strong diving trough carrying cold, winter weather as it moves towards Applachia and then punches East towards the Mid Atlantic States trying to impact as many cities along the Mid Atlantic that it can manage to mark off it’s bucket list!

Wednesday Zeta approaches the coast.

Look at those winter weather warnings to the West.

Class of the seasons for sure.

Check that colorful offensive line….

Zeta gets sheared and gets absorbed in the front.

Thursday, the next day.

Where’s Zeta the Tropical Storm?

It’s cloaked in Winter Weather mode.

Friday the 3rd day of this weather trip.

Whoah check that out.

The whole huge mess is moving offshore.

A long blue sapphire cold front is draped across FL.

Cold wind is zooming down into Virginia…



It’s all about winter.

This is your typical late October set up as storms zoom into fronts that gobble them up and keep on going faster than you can say “what the heck” and yes some debris is found and you wonder on what will happen on Halloween and Thanksgiving and you begin to contemplate what gifts you are buying your loved ones for the holidays.  It’s a transformation from summer heat, tropical warmth evolving into cold, wet weather. Dreams of snow dance in your head and you wonder if you will see an Ice Storm this year or just snowflakes mixed with rain and then Lucy pulls the football away and you hear there is another storm that is forecast to form down in the Caribbean again.

Thats a long ways away.

Not THIS Wednesday.

November 4th in the Caribbean

But models spinning something up again!

2020 meets La Nina.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a hurricane watch is posted for the Yucatan, though to be honest Zeta is battling some shear. As soon as it leaves it’s warm, comfortable woom to move North it gets hit by shear. There’s more shear out ahead of that wintry storm teasing Oklahoma with an Ice Storm so do not expect a wild eye making landfall but hey it’s 2020 so really I don’t count anything out.

I’ll update in real time later today.

Sweet Tropical Dreams… or winter dreams if you want them?

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

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