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Hurricane Franklin & TD10 Forecast to be Idalia Late Night Update on Hurricanes and NASCAR … IYKYK

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Some of the best diving spots in the world.

Should be a hurricane at landfall.

Watching from North Carolina.

Hoping to feel some breeze….

…get some of the tropical rain.

One way or another.

That’s basically it tonight. Watching loops, watching cars race at Daytona. Had a beautiful, laid back chilled Sabbath and playing catch up on discussion online. Posting a image here from 2 PM by Allan Huffman in the Raleigh area, he is very good with models, forecasts and maps. 

That just about says it all.

Between where it is now and landfall.

Of course, weather happens in real time.

The moisture feed is visible here.

TD10 down by the Yucatan.

Hurricane Franklink wound up.

But both getting tropical fuel from the same place.

And as Franklin goes… so goes TD10

Here’s a map from Jim Williams.

@hurricanecity on Twitter

The image is up at www.hurricanecity.com

Good site.

Kind of like the me and my shadow song.

Except Idalia will make landfall!

I have Nascar on in the background on TV, sound down a perpetual blur of colorful cars racing around the beautiful track at Daytona. I grew up in a part of Miami that wasn’t what you see in the movies, old Southern and a whole lot of kids who followed racing, Khoury League and families that took the boat or the Swamp Buggy out on the weekend to fish, or hunt in the nearby Everglades. And, everyone watched the latest news on the tropics during the hurricane season. 

It hits me that there’s a strange commonality between the two, in that unless you have been to NASCAR and seen cars race in person, or been through a real hurricane up close and personal you don’t really know what it sounds like from watching on TV. Movies try with sound effects, but they are usually the background of some plotline and not highlighted as much as say the tornado in Twister. A hurricane roars, it moans, it incessantly whines in a never ending array of sounds while things outside are going bump in the night. It’s not like listening to the rain fall at night or one quick moving afternoon thunderstorm and you only really hear that sound when it’s a real hurricane! And, the hurricane is alive in a way that is raw, wild and unpredictable. NASCAR is like that, the sound of the cars going around the track takes your breath away. It’s loud as if it’s rolling thunder that doesn’t end, as the cars move away from you it sort of screeches a loud almost mechanical whistling sound and then the cars come back around, fast,furious and the sound blurs out everything else around you. The cars roar like a hurricane roars. Truth!

Stay tuned, we will see if TD10 soon to be Idalia becomes a Hurricane and whether she takes a track more to the West and rides up further inland or hooks in sharper to the right and gets back out over water faster. And, much of that depends on Franklin, but in truth it depends on the overall steering currents that are influencing Franklin as it’s all connected! And, how strong is that late August front and how fast and deep does the front move down through Virgninia and the Carolinas???

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