February 28, 2021

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Hurricane Epsilon Spins in the Atlantic. Fire Hose Like Tail Adds Rain to SFL MIxing in with Tropical Moisture Oozing Up from the Caribbean BUT Will a Storm Form Down There Eventually?

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Putting the Cliffnotes at the top today.

If you are in the mood to read.

Keep on reading…

…keep on scrolling.

What’s with all that rain in SFL today?

And in the Caribbean?

And look at Epsilon became a hurricane!

Mixing things up today.

 Epsilon is the only game in town.

Only system being tracked.

But there are areas being watched…

…for possible development.

These are sites we use as guides.

Models offer possible solutions.

When it’s wet outside it’s raining.

It’s raining in Miami today.

All across South Florida.

Luckily they didn’t get Wilma 2

But they are still stuck with rain.

Radar and Mimic.

Basically it’s a FIRE HOSE set up.

Temporarily from the tail of Epsilon.

This happens frequently.

Moisture trains in from a far away Cane.

Nothing really that new under the sun.

You win the war but lose the battle?

No hurricane over SFL but lots of rain.

The real question remains…

…what will come out of the Caribbean.

This is a site that assigns percentages.

Think of it like “the line in Vegas”

Or a political poll.

The NHC may have pulled the yellow plug.

But elsewhere birds are still chirping.

Models are always running…….

……..spitting out possible solutions.

Sometimes the NHC adds a yellow circle back in..

…somewhere else down the road.

It’s a moveable always changing story.

Models showed 2 storms if you remember?
it happens but it’s problematic.

One usually sucks all the air out of the room.

Below is what exists vs a model.

Rain to the Left.

Hurricane to the Right.

Everyone is watching the deep Caribbean.

Dabuh is and he’s good and fun.

I think he’s fun and smart.

So here’s his thoughts.


..a long range possibility.

Where are we today?



……..going out to sea eventually.

Count 5 days.

Caribbean has more air to breathe.

Friendlier place for development.

But Miami is getting slammed with rain…

..from a far away hurricane.

And Caribbean moisture oozing North.

Firehose from the East.

Moisture from the South.

Euro was right it saw weather…

..and weather is what they got!

But as of today.

Not even a yellow circle….

…. by the colorful convection.

Just Epsilon.

Reminds me of Joaquin in odd ways.

Further out, further South fire hose.

Miami area vs Charleston.

2 cities prone from the beginning to flooding.

I’ll be back later today …

…if and when the NHC blinks in any way.

Til then… enjoy the weather and remember…

..it’s still 2020

Always a ship story somewhere.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter usually weather related.

Instagram whatever and weather.

Sorry …….it’s my favorite Rain song.

You know as in rain, rain go away …

don’t come back another day.

Everyone wants SNOW but few really want RAIN

Think about it!

Because I can go back in my blog and search..

…I found this from 2015.

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