May 14, 2021

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Hurricane Delta Making Landfall …….. .. Weather Across a Wide Area, Strong Hurricane Winds in a Narrow Area. Flooding, Tornadoes All Possible. A bit of Hurricane History on Houston.

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Delta is in the process of coming ashore.

Bit by bit, steadily moving in ….

Luckily it’s not as as strong as it once was…

shear appeared as expected and lower water temperatures.

Moving a bit faster now than expected.

Somewhere around Creole, Louisiana.

Not sure where the NHC will mark it.

UP the road there is more weather on the way .

In truth the weather from the front and Delta is everywhere.

It’s cloudy here.

One big cloud mass across the SE.

We will see how bad the damage is soon.

Sad to see damage on top of damage.

We will talk on this more in a few days.

Still waiting to see what will be.

Short on time.

I”ll be off til Sunday evening.

Last of my Fall Jewish Holidays…

…that coincide with hurricane season….

Watching video online.

Watching TWC… 

Hoping the impacts are minimal.

You never really know…

Heavy rain, wind in Lake Charles.

Hard to see this happen again.

But patterns exist.

Leaving you with a video..

…explaining the Sukkos thing.

It’s a year or two old… 

…but the holiday goes back way far.

Keeping in the family.

Mayim is my husband’s cousin.

So I’ll one with the doctorate degree…

…explain the Sukkoth thing.

She has a real doctorate in science!

Not just playing one online.

It’s been beautiful weather here.

Rain moving in so we will see what happens.

But that’s how we roll with the weather.

chow for now.. back Sunday Night.

From earlier.. keep reading.

If you have not done so.

Cone below so we know where it goes.

120 MPH at 8 AM

Moving N at 12 MPH

Understand weather has already moved in.

If you remember I pointed this out yesterday.

Out ahead of the storm weather has been moving…

in across the area that will see landfall.

And then real hurricane force weather.

This makes last minute prep impossible.

So what has been done is done.

Note also weather in Texas.

Center moves N then NNE

(forecast movement)

But everyone is getting weather.

NRL Track below.

I want to point out that this is a storm that will impact many places further inland and beyond landfall. While it does pack 120 mph as per the NHC advisory the strength of those winds is inside a small area and a larger swath both on the West and East of the storm will get strong tropical weather. Tropical weather brings a variety of problems from storm surge to flooding from the rain to strong wind, squalls and tornadoes. So while much attention is on the center of Delta with regard to track it’s a very small area of intense winds and you can see that here above on the NRL map that’s excellent. The smaller circle is the stronger winds…work your way out to the wider circle being tropical storm force winds… the grid area shows areas that may get weather that people need to prepare for and that includes Houston, Shreveport, Jackson and New Orleans. So this is not just about the coastal marshy, area with small beach towns that lie along the coast there. Note all BIG cities are inland, and the reason for that is they learned in the late 1800s when pioneers were building cities that anything they built along the coast got smashed by a hurricane; the 1900 Galveston Hurricane nailed that scenario and cities grew inland where Houston is and Shreveport is and Jackson Mississippi is…

A bit of hurricane history is that when they decided to build that shipping canal up to Houston it was considered a joke, a folly … a ridiculous idea. With the bustling port of Galveston why would anyone want to take a canal up to ….     And as karma worked in their favor the canal was almost ready to go when Galveston got smashed to smithereens. Business flowed up to Houston and it seemed a safer place to build a city than to bank on Galveston coming back ever again as a port of entry, shipping center, business center though it rebuilt and became a vacation playground for people up in Houston to go down to on the weekend. Time and hurricanes taught those pioneer souls where to build, in the same way that the capital of North Carolina was moved inland to Raleigh after two back to back hurricanes flooded New Bern; yes it helps to be more centrally located but Raleigh doesn’t flood nor does it usually get snowed in so it was a better place to rely on government business getting done.

So next time you wonder “why would they build a city in a Bayou?” know it was a way better place to build up a city than along the coast where Galveston was once the big business center, and in the old days they only built where it didn’t flood but greed and money flows and people go where they can find cheap land be it bayou in Houston or swamp land in Florida. The French Quarter in New Orleands didn’t flood in Katrina, but the lower areas that always flooded were the places that did indeed flood but the hurricane history taught the early pioneers that the French Quarter was high ground. In Key West they moved the cemtery inland to the highest point in land, after a hurricane blew all the graves apart in the small cemetery near the beach in a strong hurricane; lessons learned and as always we learn from history the hard way.

History has time and again dictated where population survives and thrives. Tampa hit in 1921 by a strong Category 4 took a while to pull it together and was almost late to the 1920s Building Boom that took Florida by storm literally, though they did bounce back quite a bit. But money began to flow to Miami in the early 1920s and it peaked in 1925 before courts began ruling against deeds to swamp land and marginal buying of property before the 1926 Hurricane set that boom back a bit. Oddly Miami is that one city that somehow always has another act or card up it’s sleeve. Time will tell. History is an ongoing drama.

I’ll update later today with any changes to forecast or thoughts. I’ll also proofread this later as I have places to be early this morning.

Oh and yes there  still is a yellow area out near Africa and models do show a system off the East coast of some kind down the road, whether it’s a weak tropical system connecting with a front much like Isaias or a real, bonafide hurricane. Stay tuned… the story is always being written in real time.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps.. come back later for a song… 

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