September 25, 2023

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Hilary. Earthquake. Franklin Forms from Invest 90L in the Caribbean. On Course to do Hispaniola As It Makes a Hard Right Turn. Emily in ATL. Watching Several Areas. Busy Day. What Could Happen Next?

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Area in GOM still expected to form.

Minimal system forecast.

New Wave moves out towards Emily.

As I said in the previous blog…

GFS … Emily goes first.

Then Franklin.

Then Gert or whatever (new African Wave)

2023 the year of the North Atlantic calls….

Since everyone loves the Euro

(like Raymond)

August 30th below.

Low comes out of the Caribbean.

Franklin off OBX towards NATL.

Remember the GFS and the FL Cane.

Well there you go… the EURO.

Long range… nothing formed yet.

Consistently tho showing this on long range.

Something comes up from the Caribbean.

Remember I said this won’t turn out well.

IF something forms in SW Carib…

Heading N takes it to GOM or Florida.

Oh Another Wave off Africa going in Sept 1st.

Did I mention the earthquake?

There’s been several aftershocks.

That’s a strong earthquake.

Nothing to laugh off like a 3.2 or 3.9

I will say one thing here. For years there have been studies done out in the High Desert about the impact of a higher or lower water table on earthquake activity. And, there are areas where it’s common to have shallow earthquakes and it’s been a debate forever. Officially there is no connection. Just saying it is an interesting coincidence.

Even for me there’s no words.

Expect the unusual seems to be the key for 2023!

I went out for a bit. I ignored the phone. I ignored Hilary. Walked around at the Fairgrounds where there was a Show of sorts and it was good to get out and empty my mind a bit from the nonstop hype over Hilary and things I’m really worrying about that could happen the media isn’t talking about as it focuses on big cities like LA and San Diego. I have relatives there and my best friend’s daughter went out there with her family to see her daughter there and yes she left Miami and ended up dealing with Hilary in LA. If you knw here that would make perfect sense. 

Africa looks fairly quiet.

The Caribbean does not.

Watch the Caribbean.

Keep watching.

Will update as needed.

But for now we watch Hilary do her thing.

Know Emily is there.

Know Franklin is a real player.

Know down the road another storm could form…

…moving up from the Caribbean.





Crosses Florida ??? 

Right now it’s just a model’s dream.

Enough to deal with on the map today.

Stay tuned.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter Instagram and threads.

Ps staying in bed, sipping tea and taking meds.

Watching the show on various weather channels.

Vaarious YouTube channels.

Watching. (BobbiStorm)

2023-08-20 22:56:00

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