August 15, 2022

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GOM Pops Yellow. Possible Trouble Close in …Home Grown From an Old Dangling Frontal Boundary. 20% For Now…..

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Dust to the North.

Waves to the South.

We will talk about those waves eventually.

This is the bottom line here. You cannot have a front/trough draped across the SE and then the High Pressure builds in to the North kind of incubating it and the water is warm and friendly and we are overdo for tropical action so we must watch that area. The same way we watch any area that fits in line with climo and the models are pointing to trouble. 

The tropics just don’t heat up over night, everything has to fall into place for the really wild part of the Hurricane Season to begin. Just like a Broadway show doesn’t just magically come together or a movie that takes like forever to make before it is edited and hits the theater. It takes good casting, a kick ass script, a good director, costumes, make up, props, music and all of that has to come together before the cameras start rolling. Often we have a bit of a dress rehearsal in the tropics that reminds people new to the area that it is indeed hurricane season. Trust me a dress rehearsal not in costume without any make up doesn’t look anything like the way it does when the curtains go up and the stage lights turn on and the music begins to play.  

Rome was not built in a day.

Neither is a hurricane season. 

And, during this time of year we get glimpses into what could happen and where the dangerous action could go and we try our best to prepare you, warn you and give you the information you need to best decide if you should hunker down and ride out the storm or get out of town. 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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Restless, moody and going to be hitting the road again soon.

As I said recently the frontal boundary is the only game in town right now. 

Nice song I heard a long time ago in person.


Read the previous blog to learn about real hurricanes that unless you are a chaser you never want to see up front and personal. 

Okay I owe you a happier song 😉

Hey Good Looking ……… (BobbiStorm)

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