May 23, 2024

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Florida Storms Continue. Tornadoes. Flooding. Storms Moving UP Into Carolinas. Hurricane Season 51 Days Away… EPAC Month Away. Early Named Storms in May???

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You can find these radars live on Mike’s Weather Page

I-95 in GA and Carolinas gonna be messy today

Coastal storms on the beach if you like wild weather.

Fronts still moving down……..

…often spin up early season named storms in May.

Something to think on…..

Let’s start here……….

…from far away and wide view.

You can see what we’re watching today.

Chasing, tracking, discussing.

Let’s go in closer

A stream of moisture is zooming up from the Yuke

Crashing head on with a strong spinning Low.

Tornadoes, Flooding, Spring Storms.

Note the triangular appearance on this image…

…on the line still down by FL

And the moisture feed from SE into E Coast!

Note the little impulses down in the EPAC

They want to spin….

…but winds coming in still from the West….

Eventually we should have an EPAC season

On time?

May 15th?

Definite Maybe


Over by Africa……

the usual early season LOW wave like features form

Turning pink and purple on the Mimic

You have a rich, moist feed down in the EPAC

Even a few pink purples 

And from the YUKE up to NW FL

Moisture laden energy feeding the storms.

That’ll move up into the Carolinas today.

Virginia also…..

Speaking of pinks and purples,.

Too low, too soon.

Mother Natures Way of Saying.

Next Up Hurricane Season.

Coming Soon ….

And yes I’m going to remind you.

51 Days Til Hurricane Season 

Less than a stack of cards.

With fronts still moving down towards Florida then going flat, flatter and flatter as we get closer to May it’s likely, possible tho not probable but worth thinking on that we could see early named storms especially in that region of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Once the Yucatan gets into play, it’s something to pay attention to as it often births baby tropical storms in May that crash eventually into the West Coast of Florida somewhere depending on the flow and the geometry of the pattern!

Playing around with the phone.

Nespresso in one hand the phone in the other.

Thinking out loud.

Thoughts on EPAC below.



Get a plan

Figure it out now.

Way easier than trying to later

When there’s some sudden TS Warning

upgraded to a Hurricane Warning

And, you’re all “what the heck it’s only May?!?!”

Don’t be that person.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend……..

…BUT good shutters & a generator may be your best friend!

(that house is outta power ….whoosh, gone)

Sweet Tropical Dreams!


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2024-04-11 12:29:00

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