January 21, 2021

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Fixing up the Wife's car

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The car we bought for my wife isn’t quite as nice as the one i drive. And it’s not that it’s not nice, it’s just that it’s one year older and has 53,000 miles on it, so the exterior could use a little bit of a facelift. I would like for hers to look as good as the other car, so I decided it was time for a few changes.

I ordered some new wheels for the car, and they are exactly the same wheels as I have on my V, Renick Performance RP556 in gloss black. These are the max wheel and tire sizes that can be stuffed in the wheel well of these cars. On mine I put 265/30-19 Michelin PS4S tires on the front, but on the new fronts I’m going with 275’s. I plan on putting the new front wheels with the 275 tires on my car, and my front wheels with the 265 tires on the front of her car. There could be a touch of rubbing on really tight turns on mine after the swap, but I can live with that.

The nose of her car is a little sand blasted from it’s time down in Florida, the front is a little pitted and the hood paint doesn’t quite match, so we need to get all of that fixed.

Several items will be replaced or fixed. I’ve ordered these new upper and lower grills in gloss black to replace the ones that are currently on the car. Changing to black wheels only leaves the grills and a little strip on the back bumper in chrome, so those needed to be replaced at the same time as the wheels. Since the front bumper cover has to come off to replace the grills, while the cover is off, I’m going to have the cover and hood repainted. It should be easy and cheaper since the cover and hood will be off the car, no taping of the car is required. At some point I’ll replace the pitted windshield and have a protective film applied to it and possibly replace the carbon fiber splitter in the front. After everything is done we’ll get a ceramic treatment on the whole car. While the car is at the dealer/body shop having the grills and paint done, I’m going to have them update the Cue system to add Android Auto. This car came with Apple Carplay but not Android Auto, but a it is only a software update to add. My 2017 came with both.

As far as I know, the only other changes to this car will be a Justin Schmidt tune on the car. The engine has all the go fast parts needed, so no changes needed to the hardware. With Justin’s tune using E70, this car will make the power you see below. Corrected or uncorrected, it will be making a boatload of horsepower, and should easily push the car to a high 9 second 1/4 mile at full weight.

The dip in the power starting around 3k rpm is intentional for the dyno runs as they pullout timing to keep the engine from knocking. For whatever reason, the engine wants to knock only on the dyno at that rpm, and has something to do with the load in high gear, it’s not there on the street or track.



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